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Learn Cantonese curse words!

Being one of the oldest languages in Asia, Cantonese has a lot curse words and swear words!

With this app, you can hope to learn with an ever-growing list!

- Explanations with English, Jyutping, Cantonese Pinyin
- Voice playback of the words
- Random word generator to help you learn!

Have questions, problems, or feedback? Reach out to me at cantocursing@gmail.com!

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Version History

Launched Jan 08, 2016 (over 3 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 6 months, on average.

Jan 12
Version 1.6

Hey everyone, just a quick update for iOS11.

I have recorded the sounds for a huge list of updates, but haven't had time to process them.
I will try my best to update the app properly soon.

Thanks for your patience!

Sep 20
Version 1.5

Hey guys, thanks for all the support! We're still doing a big revamp of the app and collecting even more slang to make this the most complete Cantonese curse word and slang app on the Apple App Store! Please bear with us while this happens :). In the mean time, we've made a few tweaks in regards to compatibility with the new iOS10.

Other changes include:
- Removed ads!
- Fixed some typos

Apr 07
Version 1.3

- Updated the sound files so they are much louder. Thanks for the feedback guys!
- Stay tuned for the next big update.

Jan 15
Version 1.2

- Updated typos for Chinese, English, Jyutping and Cantonese Pinyin
- Improved sound playback for the random word generator
- Supports iOS 8.0 and up!

Jan 09
Version 1.0

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