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This is the definitive movie tracker powered by Trakt.tv

iShows Movies is the best way to manage, discover and keep track of your movies. It's powered with Trakt so you can get all your up-to-date info synced in every device.

We have built a gesture driven interface so you can mark as watched, as favorite or even change the cover artwork with simple, intuitive finger gestures.

We don't want to bore you with the same interface, so you can customize the app by changing between two different layouts: Poster and Fanart. Hardcore users will love the condensed view option!
Once you have chosen the layout, you can customize the Poster and Fanart images with a simple swipe; browsing the images at full screen, and even save and share them.

You can also change the app's color scheme (Light and Dark) and choose from six different highlight colors.
Finally, you can use the tinted option to enhance the app’s UI. You can even make iShows automatically look different every day!

When you are in the mood for new movies, tap the add button to go to the Discovery area, where you can see our personal picks, trending and popular movies. If you're connected to Trakt.tv, you can also get recommendations based on your movies, as well as find out what movie your friends are watching.

We highly encourage you to create a Trakt.tv account; doing so will allow you to keep a backup of your watched history and also comment or rate your favorite movies. If you plan on using iShows both on your iPhone and your iPad, a Trakt.tv account is a must.


And remember that if you're also a TV Show addict, you can keep track of your favorite TV Shows with iShows TV!

PLEASE NOTE: This app is meant to keep track of your favorite movies. You CANNOT VIEW movies within this app.

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Version History

Launched Jan 14, 2016 (over 3 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 3 months, on average.

Jan 29
Version 1.9.3

Bug fixes

Oct 22
Version 1.9.2

iPhone XS Max support.

Dec 29
Version 1.9.1

Bug fixes

Dec 05
Version 1.9.0

- Calendar view!
- iPhone X ready

Oct 13
Version 1.8.1

- [FIXED]: Crash when trying to save an image.
- [FIXED]: You can now properly import your backup files from iCloud or your favourite document provider.

Sep 18
Version 1.8

iOS 11 support.

Jun 16
Version 1.7

This new version is all about iCloud...

You can now sync your movie posters and backdrops via iCloud. Choose your favourite image on the iPhone and see the same image when using iShows on your iPad.

Also, in case you have to delete iShows and reinstall it, we will recover all your previous selected images!

And last but not least, Trakt.tv sync should be much, much faster now.

Enjoy this new version and if you love using iShows, we'd really appreciate a nice review on the store! :-)

May 23
Version 1.6

- It took us a while... but here it is: landscape mode! Even on iPhone!
- You can now rate movies from 0 to 10.

May 17
Version 1.5

- Watch Now! You can now see where your favourite movies can be streamed or purchased. You can even open the Netflix app to watch your movie. All from within iShows! Go to your movie detail to access this new section and make sure to select your country.

- More attractive and simplified shop. There's now a single "iShows Movies Premium" purchase that includes a bunch of cool and premium features. If you already purchased the "Unlimited Movies", you don't have to worry about this.

- A lot of Trakt.tv sync fixes. We now Trakt.tv sync has been far from reliable in iShows Movies compared to iShows TV, and we are really sorry for that. Hope that most of those issues are fixed with this version.

Enjoy this new version. We really put a lot of effort on it. If you enjoy iShows, we'd really appreciate if you could give us a review on the App Store. Thanks!

May 01
Version 1.4

- Cast biography.
- Fix issue not updating movies properly when activating English metadata.

Dec 04
Version 1.3

- Fixes a problem where the actor movies were not properly shown.

Oct 18
Version 1.2

- Comply with the latest Trakt.tv API guidelines
- Bugfixing

Feb 10
Version 1.1

- Changes in release date sorting: the movies that haven't aired yet will be at the bottom except for those ones that will premiere the next week.

- For those movies that haven't aired yet, we'll show a badge with the number of remaining days for release.

- Sync is now much, much faster!

- Fix important crash when marking movies as watched.

Jan 14
Version 1.0

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