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- 25 guns.
- Shake or touch.
- Each gun has its own unique sound.
- Category based shot animation.
- Gun recoil simple animation.
- Vibration available.
- Information shown for each gun - firing mode, price, origin country and weight.

Read "How-to" in-app to know more about app usage.

DISCLAIMER- It has no relation to any real gun. Just meant to the extent of playing sounds. Anything you do which is other than entertainment purpose will be at your own risk. We will not be liable for any loses or damages.

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Primary: Entertainment

Secondary: Games

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Version History

Launched Dec 11, 2015 (about 5 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 2 months, on average.

Oct 24
Version 4.4

- Support for new devices
- Bug fixes on phone devices
- Framework updates

Sep 05
Version 4.3

- Faster app loading
- UI changes
- Support for upcoming iOS update
- Framework updates

May 11
Version 4.1

- Added launchscreen
- Added marketing URL
- All frameworks updated to improve performance

Nov 23
Version 3.8

- Improved visibility of SMG guns on all devices previously were hiding behind vibration button.
- All guns visibility improved for iphone x and above devices.
We apologize for too soon update as this requirement was critical.

Nov 21
Version 3.7

- App improvements for ipad 7th gen and ipad pro 11 inch
- UI changes on list view for better visibility
- Improvements in Localisation
- Framework updates and iOS 13 upgrades

Sep 02
Version 3.6

- App available in 32 more languages.
- Faster List for all devices.
- Reduced size and improved performance.

Dec 04
Version 3.5

- Improved shake for majority of guns.
- Added build number to be shown on first screen for better user feedback.

Oct 09
Version 3.4

- Further enhancing experience on new devices.
- Framework updates.
- Bug fixes for performance on main view.

Sep 22
Version 3.3

- Optimized for newly launched devices.
- Price now show for all devices on home page for the in-app purchase.
- Updates to frameworks.

Aug 09
Version 3.2

- Replaced icon.
- Added Privacy Policy.
- Muzzle Flash animation better working now.
- Performance Updates.

May 02
Version 3.1

- Solved in-app purchase issue which happened rarely on .01% devices.
- App preview video is now shorter.
- Framework updates and other bug fixes.

Feb 26
Version 3.0

- Resolved network issues happening on few devices.
- Improved muzzle flash being not visible on touching 2 guns with single shot.
- New app preview video.
- Minor icon changes.

Feb 07
Version 2.7

- Efficiency increased for sound processing.
- Updated Screenshots for all devices.
- "Rate App" button in menu is replaced by "Review App". We would feel grateful if you review our app.
- Other bug fixes.

Jan 05
Version 2.6

- RAM usage reduced by 15% on low-end devices and performance improvements on all phone device.
- Screenshots updated.
- App subtitle done short for easier understanding of what app is.
- Bug fixes.

Nov 21
Version 2.5.1

- Screenshots updated for iphone devices as new users were asking for it.
- Improved list side button placement on ipad pro 10.5.
- App performance improvements and api updates.

Nov 08
Version 2.5

- New Icon.
- Fixed issue of too fast shooting on shake (as compared to touch) on automatic guns.
- Screenshots improved. New Screenshots for ipad devices.
- App optimized for new device. Added screenshots for Iphone X device.
- Other performance improvements/ Bug fixes.

Oct 10
Version 2.4

- Increased speed of going back from main screen to list.
- New Iphone Screenshots as users were not able to see the screen properly in previous and also as the app is landscape so does the screenshots should be for better app looking by user.
- Better ad location for latest devices.
- Bug Fixes.

Oct 04
Version 2.3

- Support for 10.5 inch ipad completely in this version.
- Resolved issue of 2 guns hiding on right in one of the new devices.
- Shake On/Off feature now available. With this turned on, guns will fire only on touch and not on shake. This feature was asked by users in review few days back so that users can walk while app is running on device.
- Now both the sound modes audio can be played on top of music playback.
- Edited In-App Purchase which now includes that 5 more guns are included in same price as before.
- Other bug fixes.

Sep 29
Version 2.2

- Bug Fixes on few devices from the previous update.
- Price showing when selecting locked guns.
- Reduced app size by about 10%.

Sep 23
Version 2.1

Version 2.1
- Rate this app button works correctly on latest OS.
- New logo and performance improvements.
Version 2 (public release together with 2.1)
- 5 more guns added which are available for free to customers who have already bought remove ads in-app purchase and also the price remains same as before.
- New side bar to reach gun categories faster in list.
- Improved visibility of text and all new buttons. Better app experience.

- New Icon.
- Bug Fixes.

Jun 14
Version 1.4

- Better looking guns in list.
- Better recoil animation.
- App shows tutorial now on first start. How-to button also shows new tutorial.
- App shows processing while making In-App purchase.
- Faster loading of app.

May 24
Version 1.3.1

- Speedy update due to minor issue on menu which has been removed now.
- New Splash screen added
- Improved performance

May 19
Version 1.3

- Speedy update due to minor issue on menu which has been removed now.
- New Splash screen added
- Improved performance

Feb 13
Version 1.2.5

- New Buttons for better visibility
- Rate this app button now also available on iphone 5/5s
- Reduced app size
- Better animation

Jan 30
Version 1.2.1

- Button position on iphone 4s and iphone 5 changed as buttons were overlapping one gun
- Improved UI

Jan 15
Version 1.1

- Shake stops on receiving phone call or facetime
- Improved Shot animation
- Button position changed on iphone 4s and iphone 5/5s for better usage.

Dec 12
Version 1.0.6

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