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Charades Party is fun, simple and fast party game.

Act, show, imitate or hum to make your friends guess the correct word.
To play it you only have to remember a few rules:
- One person (with the device) 'acts' the shown word
- The rest of the team tries to guess it. They can't see the device!
- Mark correct words or pass if they are too hard.

Play with your friends on various occasions such as birthday parties, christmas parties, family reunions or friend meet-ups. Or just play whenever you want, wherever you want and with whoever you want and disregard our suggestions. We just kindly request you to have fun.

Choose from many categories :
- Movies
- Animals
- Accents
- Video Games
- Famous people
- TV Shows
- In the 90's
- Manga & Anime
- Valentine's Day
- and more

New ones will be added with subsequent updates. Any suggestions? Give us heads up!

If you have questions, contact Lonely Whale on twitter: @lonelywhaleapps or by email: lonelywhale@piotrpluta.pl

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Primary: Games

Secondary: Word

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Version History

Launched Dec 04, 2015 (almost 5 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 8 months, on average.

Dec 20
Version 1.0.10

We've fixed some layout issues in Options menu.

May 19
Version 1.0.9

We have fixed some issues and improved options button visibility. Have fun guessing!

Nov 02
Version 1.0.8

We have added a new category: Video Games. Now you can guess you favourite games and characters!
Also, Charades Party has now better iOS 10 compatibility and less bugs.
Have fun playing!

Jan 30
Version 1.0.7

Two new categories: "The Oscars 2016" and "Valentine's Day". Have fun and thanks for your support!

Jan 07
Version 1.0.6

Two new categories: "K-POP" and "Manga & Anime". Have fun playing!

Dec 21
Version 1.0.5

Two new categories: "In the 90's" and "Dance Moves". Have fun playing!
Graphics fixes for iPhone 4S devices.

Dec 04
Version 1.0

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