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R.: »The best kanji app available.«
B.: »Carefully crafted app. Very nice done.«
S.: »I'm using this app every day, it's addicting. I have tried a lot of other apps, but this one I love!.«
K.: »A blessing to those wanting to master Japanese reading and writing.«
P.: »This is the best kanji learning app in the App Stores.«

Kanji Teacher is free. There's no advertising and no in-app purchases are necessary – it's just free, pure and simple.

Kanji Teacher knows not only all the 2,136 jōyō kanjis and their readings, but also the 8,000 most common Japanese words and how to pronounce them. This unique combination enables you to learn the Kun- and On-readings of the kanjis and apply and test what you have learnt straight away: both how to read a word and how to write a word you know.

Kanji Teacher has more features you'll love:

○ Practise your writing with Kanji Teacher! Every stroke is analysed: do the position, direction and order match up with the correct way of writing? Kanji Teacher helps you out with hints to begin with, but as you progress further you’ll be on your own.

○ Kanji Teacher is also a Kana teacher: learn how to read and write Hiragana and Katakana.

○ Kanji Teacher comes with around 6,000 sample sentences: Around 8,000 tests have been created based on these sentences, where the corresponding Kanji is omitted and has to be found.

○ Kanji Teacher uses multiple choice so you can be sure that you really do know the answer. And it also compiles the possible answers intelligently, ensuring that they all make sense and are similar to the correct answer, because Kanji Teacher is a teacher after all – it's strict, but this helps you learn more quickly.

○ Kanji Teacher uses a Leitner system so you can learn easy kanjis quickly and focus on the more difficult ones.

○ Kanjis can be grouped by JLPT level and school year and, most importantly, you can switch between both views without losing what you have already done.

○ You can choose the correct answer, check it and move on to the next question with just one touch of the screen, which speeds up your learning and progress.

○ Kanji Teacher comes with Ulrike's Mnemonics, which were provided by Joy o' Kanji [https://www.joyokanji.com/],a site where you can find playful, informative, photo-filled essays about each of the 2,136 Joyo Kanji.

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Version History

Launched Nov 20, 2015 (over 3 years ago).

Releasing new versions every about 2 months, on average.

Mar 18
Version 11.3

New settings for the writing screen:
- Basic support for Apple Pencil.
- Now you can customized when the next stroke or test will be shown. Possible options are:
OFF: The feature is completely switched off.
ARROW: Touching the small arrow on the drawing area shows the next stroke or test (the new default).
SCREEN: Touching the screen anywhere shows the next stroke or test (the old behavior).

Bug fixes:
- Double words in the analysis screen are now omitted.

Thanks to Michele!

Feb 17
Version 11.2

New feature allows copying backup files from and to iTunes.

Buf fixes
- Some spelling mistakes were corrected. (Thanks to Michael)
- Fixed tests with two answers you could pass by clicking twice on the same answer. (Thanks to Antoine)
- The progress is now also stored correctly on 32bit devices (iPad2, iPhone 4s and iPhone 5). (Thanks to Nicole and Lucia)
- The year 2017 in charts is now displayed correctly. (Thanks to Peter)

Feb 12
Version 11.1

New feature: With the function "Settings > Recover" you can select a backup and try to restore it.

Bug fixes:
- The progress was not saved correctly on iOS 9 and 10: If this happened to you, please use the the new "Settings > Recover" function and select the largest backup file. Or contact kanji_teacher@rusche.ch so I can help you. (Thanks to Claire and B.A.)
- Sometimes the reading was not displayed correctly in the Analyze screen of a word. (Thanks to Michael)
- In certain cases the answers to a question were not unambiguous. (Thanks to Michele and Jan)
- in Practice and Paper mode sometimes the last stroke was not drawn and has triggered the 'next' function. (Thanks to Michele and Michael)

Feb 09
Version 11.0

- Kanji Teacher now comes with around 6,000 sample sentences, which are shown on the Analyze screen of the Kanji.
- Around 8,000 tests have been created based on these sentences, where the corresponding Kanji is omitted and has to be found.

New tests
- Listening: Words from the basic vocabulary are read out and the user must then choose both the Japanese spelling and the meaning in English. The test continues when both answers are given.
- Compounds: Compound words that are already used for learning the pronunciation of the Kanjis can be listened to in this test. The test queries how they are written and what they mean.

- Kanji Teacher now has many more tests and options compared to the first version, including Hiragana, Katakana, vocabulary and sentences. The navigation has been changed to take this into account: The sections “Kana”, “Kanji” and “Vocab” can now be selected at the top of the screen. The tests can then be limited by level (such as JLPT Level), or whether the user only wants to see the highlighted elements or those that Kanji Teacher will suggest next for testing (RL = Recommended Learning).

- The complex system with commands as used previously has been replaced by graphic elements.
- Sorting of the characters can be redefined.
- A search of related words in the Kanji is now possible using the “Search also Words” option.

- New TESTS screen searches through all tests according to a variety of criteria.
- Also with sorting (for example, by test difficulty) and limitation of the number.

Games, this section has been completely redesigned with four new games:
- Kana Reading: Identify Hiragana and Katakana together.
- Kana Listening: Listen to Hiragana and Katakana together.
- Kanji Reading: Read both the On-reading and Kun-reading of a Kanji.
- Sentences Listening: Try and understand a complete sentence by listening only.

- The delete button has been newly positioned and is thus less intrusive.
- In Settings, the user can specify whether the arrows for the Stroke Order are hidden.
- The strictness of the “Angle” error has been slightly reduced.
- The “Not Drawn” error should no longer mistakenly occur, but instead only when the user deliberately clicks briefly on the screen in order to have the next stroke shown.
- With certain Hiragana (such as さ), the Explain window indicates that the fonts used by Kanji Teacher for reading and writing differ slightly.
- Practice Mode: New button allows to show or hide the pattern.

- If the user has own or enhanced voices installed for voice output on their device - such as Siri or a male voice – then these can be selected in Settings.
- The pronunciation has been optimized so that ちゅ is pronounced better, for example. Around 1,500 words have been checked by hand for this purpose.
- The automatic reading out of a character at the beginning of the test can now be switched on and off.
- Running background music is not stopped when Kanji Teacher emits tones.

- Clicking on a word, structural element or similar sounding Kanji accesses the next screen of this element.
- Sections can now be opened and closed.
- Similar readings for Kanjis from other groups can also be shown by pressing “more” in the corresponding section.

Recommended Learning (RL)
- New concept now on the Tests level. The selection is thus more precise.
- Kana, Kanji and Vocab: Each section of Kanji Teacher now has its own number of suggested tests.

- A backup is made for each week and each month and also for the maximum learning progress achieved. Backups are found in the “save-files” folder and can be restored using the “Import” function.
- When importing an old version of Kanji Teacher, the original file is also saved.

- The font size on the iPhone 5 has been increased by around 5%.
- The manual can be read directly in Kanji Teacher.
- Various content changes have been made (thanks here to Michele!)

Nov 08
Version 10.3

Fixed a bug on iOS 12. If you lost parts of your progress, please contact me to recover it: kanji_teacher@rusche.ch

Aug 25
Version 10.2

New Feature „Hint“ 

- For each Kana and Kanji a hint helps learning and remembering the character.

- For all Kanas and over 1000 Kanjis hints are already included, some with pictures. Ulrike's Mnemonic were provided by Joy o' Kanji[https://www.joyokanji.com/],a site where you can find playful, informative, photo-filled essays about each of the 2,136 Joyo kanji.
- The hint can be called up from the Analyze screen but also from the question itself by clicking on it.

- It can be configured whether displaying a hint should mark the test as failed - or is allowed and do not change the level of the test. By default hints for new and failed tests are allowed.

- A small icon above the question and its color indicates whether displaying the hint leads to an error (red), whether a hint is available (blue) or not (gray).

- Hints can be easily formatted, for example to color or underline some words.

Improvement: Some screens (Search, Analyze, Settings, Hint, Progress) now support the gesture „swipe“ to return to the previous screen.

Aug 16
Version 10.1

New Feature „Medals“: Kanji Teacher now rewards you with medals for your learning.
New Feature „Share“: Share your progress with others.
Bugfix: Support for iPhone4s fixed.
Bugfix: RL-List improved for Kanjis with gray and brown tests.

Jun 12
Version 10

New Feature „Basic Vocabulary“: A new test "Basic Jap - Eng" with 1000 Japanese words has been added to the Kana group. The associated Kanjis are also displayed, but it is more about learning the Japanese basic vocabulary and reading Katakana and Hiragana fluently. This test also includes some grammatical elements and 60 phrases from everyday life. Please use the Recommended Learning List (RL) to master this test step by step.

New feature "Explain" improves the explanation of an error on the Drawing screen: By clicking on the "Explain Error" button you see your original drawing, and all errors are visualized. If more than one stroke was not drawn correctly, please use the arrow buttons to switch between them.

Bugfixes and minor issues
- An indicator for the stroke order and direction has been added.
- Pressing the trash icon while drawing caused a crash.
- The terms „Meaning“ and „Translation“ have been replaced by „Keyword“.
- Some texts have been enlarged to make them easier to read.
- It is now possible to start PRACTICE directly from the Analyze Screen.
- The startup time has been accelerated.

Mar 08
Version 9.2

○ New feature „Review“, helps to remember already learned Kanjis: Automatically changes the level of green tests to brown after 15, 60 or 240 days - depending on how often the review was successful in succession. Reviews can can be switched ON and OFF in Settings. If this feature is enabled, the main screen will be extended by a column REVIEW. Use AUTO to only show this column if reviews exists.

○ In Settings it is now possible to define which groups (JLPT or school year) are to be considered when selecting the Kanjis of the RL list.

○ "Show Meaning in Tests: NEVER" now also hides the addition information on the tests "Kanji - Meaning“.

○ Test screen: in case of an incorrect answer, the solution will be displayed longer, regardless of the setting „Waiting Time after releasing Button“.

○ Analyze Screen shows the progress of learning: the level of all tests, the overall level of the Kanji and a timeline.

○ Hiragana and Katakana now also have an Analyze Screen.

Jan 08
Version 9.1

○ Minor bug fixes
○ Recognition slightly adjusted

Dec 04
Version 9.0

○ Adjustment made to iPhone X screen

○ Recommended Learning: The 20 Kanas and Kanjis (can be changed with the switch at the top left) that are to be learned next are always shown in a new tab in the main screen. A Kanji or Kana in Recommended Learning is replaced with a new one when all associated tests are green.

○ Own translations: Each Kanji can now be translated by the user themselves in their own native language, for example.

○ Markings: Hiragana and Katakana can now be marked with a star.

○ Writing restructured:
- Strokes can be deleted in order to rewrite a character for a second time
- The accuracy of the whole Kanji is displayed – and also evaluated, depending on the settings
- New logic for detecting incorrect order and direction
- Reason for the error is shown as code

○ Import, export and reset functions: All data or parts thereof can now be exported and imported.

○ New settings:
- How long is the answer shown after releasing the button?
- Should the Kanji pattern be shown following an error?
- How many Kanas and Kanjis are in the Recommended Learning list?
- What is the tolerance for correct writing of each stroke and for the whole Kanji?

○ Now with manual (PDF and e-book): Can be called up under Settings -> Info -> Manual

○ Bug fixes

Jun 12
Version 8.2

- Faster (and more reliable) startup

Jun 09
Version 8.1

- Charts added
- Bugfixes

May 29
Version 8.0

- New design, feedback is very welcomed!
- New feature added to analyze screen: Lookup kanji and keyword (for non-native English speaker) in all dictionaries installed on you device.

Mar 27
Version 7.0

Three new settings:
- Show Meaning in Tests: Never, Classic (show english meaning only together with kanji), Always
- Show Patterns in Writing Tests: Never, First Tests (gray and red), Always
- Tests used in Game: Meaning, Reading, Both

Apply commands to selected kanjis in Search Mode: Practice, Mark/Unmark, Color Tests

New Paper Mode. Write a kana or kanji, Kanji Teacher tries to recognize and correct it. Touch the arrow or one of the round buttons twice to continue.

Feb 02
Version 6.0

- Reduced number of possible answers, use Settings to choose the old style
- New Search function helps to to look up Kana and Kanji

Jan 07
Version 5.0

- Hear correct pronunciation of words, hiragana and katakana
- Improved info screen: Now with example words and okurigana

Sep 01
Version 4.0

- Own Learning List: Mark kanjis with a star to add them to your list, touch the star again to remove them
- Game included

Mar 15
Version 3.1

New: Analyses kanjis, shows components and kanjis with similar pronunciation.

Feb 15
Version 2.2

○ Fixed readings of ド and ギ
○ Fixed writing mode for some devices
○ じ, ぢ, ジ, ヂ, ず, づ, ズ and ヅ are now distinct in writing mode

Feb 09
Version 2.0

○ Practise your writing with Kanji Teacher! Every stroke is analysed: do the position, direction and order match up with the correct way of writing? Kanji Teacher helps you out with hints to begin with, but as you progress further you’ll be on your own.

○ Kanji Teacher is now also a Kana teacher: learn how to read and write Hiragana and Katakana.

Dec 03
Version 1.3

Bug fix

Nov 30
Version 1.1

Minor bug fixes

Nov 20
Version 1.0

Previous 3 versions

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