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This app is created by Muhammad Anwar MD
This app offers concise, comprehensive, state of the art user-friendly guide for management of common medical conditions. It offers simple but thorough step-by-step guide for management of many common medical emergencies.
Also it can help to optimize patient care by a quick review of treatment option protocols
It is a very useful guide for hospitalists, Internists, family practice physicians, ER physicians, medical students, residents and other health care providers.
Health care providers must use their clinical judgment depending upon the clinical situation. This information is only to be used by trained health care professionals based on the scope of their clinical training and practice. Author bears no responsibility for the accuracy of the information and bears no responsibility for any adverse outcome resulting from the use or misuse of these guidelines. This should not be relied upon as the sole source of information. These suggested doses are not a substitute for proper clinical judgment based on the patient’s medical condition. Individual patients may require dose adjustments or avoidance of certain drugs based on their medical condition and clinical information.
Must use clinical judgment along with adequate medical training while using these guidelines

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Launched Oct 16, 2015 (about 5 years ago).
Oct 16
Version 3.0