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Need help with your homework? Simply type or take a picture of problems that have stumped you and send them to us. We'll send you back the answer within hours, with work included if applicable-because you won't get points if you don't show work, right?
We can help with any level of mathematics. Feel free to send physics and general chemistry problems too. If your homework has anything to do with math or the physical sciences, we can probably help. So we can likely help with your accounting or economics problems, but we won't help with English, history, foreign language, etc.
Your dashboard lists the answers that are available. You can delete photos when you are finished and save photos to the camera roll for future reference.
Give it a try before you turn in your next homework assignment! Please remember this is only for assistance, not for having someone else do your homework for you!

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Version History

Launched Nov 02, 2015 (over 4 years ago).

Releasing new versions every about 1 month, on average.

Jan 14
Version 7.0

-Display changes
-Removed time limits
Update is required for continued functionality

Oct 29
Version 6.1

-Added checks to prevent duplicate account creation.

Sep 21
Version 6.0

-Redesign to utilize a much more familiar question and answer message display
-One free submission every 24 hours (approximately)

Aug 17
Version 5.1

-Fixed logout issue
-Fixed problem with sign up and login
-Changed camera/library access

Aug 14
Version 5.0

A refresh for the new school year!
-Redesigned screens
-New option for monthly subscription
-Changed location of camera/library access request to prevent issues
-Increased submission time limit to 30 minutes, to prevent server issues

Apr 23
Version 4.1

-Bug fix

Apr 23
Version 4.0

-Changed login/signup screen
-Redesigned all screens
-Added IAP option to leave a tip
-3D touch on the homescreen on capable devices
-Fix for iOS 11 security issue
-Now supports swipe to delete on capable devices
-Removed pull to refresh since data will reload automatically

Jan 17
Version 3.13

-Website link update
-Date fix

Oct 05
Version 3.12

-Fix due to certificate issue

Aug 01
Version 3.11

-Homescreen redesign
-Purchase photo credits
-Optional push notifications

Apr 23
Version 3.10

-Added more indication that we only help with Math and Science

Mar 20
Version 3.9

-E-mail verification now required. Blame the inconvenience on people who sign up only to submit pictures of themselves. Seriously, knock it off.
-Made IAP durations longer in order to prevent frequent submissions. Remember, we only help with your homework, we don't do it all for you.

Feb 28
Version 3.8

-Maintenance release to eliminate some duplication on backend.

Feb 16
Version 3.7

-Removed autocomplete on login to prevent fake email abuse
-Answers are now automatically deleted every three days. If you need them longer, save them to your device!

Jan 18
Version 3.6

-Changed homework dashboard order to oldest to newest

Jan 12
Version 3.5

-New subscription based model
-Community Dashboard and Messages screens removed
-Fix for iPad orientation issues
-Fixed password change bug

Nov 03
Version 3.4

-Added auto completion for easier logins
-Code changes to decrease load times

Sep 30
Version 3.3

-Addressed iOS 10 security issues and other bugs
-Changed some alert font colors

Aug 26
Version 3.2

-Added 'Messages' tab to pass along important messages
-Changed button display to make submission steps more straightforward

Aug 17
Version 3.1

App redesign for back to school season!
-Changed navigation style to make moving through the app easier
-Added 150 character limit to problem number submission for improved readability
-Pull to refresh is back
-Updated website link

Jun 29
Version 3.0

-Removed iAd support
-Changed homescreen layout
-Removed 'pull to refresh' features in favor of bar button
-Fixed crash when using forgotten password link
-Added (close to) real-time counts of credits available and how many submissions are waiting to be answered
-Submit problem numbers in a dialog instead of an entirely new screen
-Purchase credits directly from the main screen

Apr 25
Version 2.3

-Had to change servers, due to previous server's upcoming shutdown. Unfortunately, this means you will have to register again, as current server only accepts email addresses as usernames. Apologies for any inconvenience this causes. If you had any photo credits before upgrading, please contact us so we can restore them to you.
-Added swipe to delete feature on your homework dashboard.
-Layout changes, including button to submit photos, which is now located on main screen.
-Potential fix for infrequent IAP failure.
-Push notifications have been removed; they will hopefully be restored in a future release.

Feb 29
Version 2.2

-Changes to credit purchase screen.
-More information added to Community Dashboard upload screen.
-Community Dashboard is for submitting answers only. Do not submit questions through there; they will not be answered!

Feb 20
Version 2.1

-Redesigned initial screen
-Added message to Community Dashboard to warn against question submission there. Submit questions through the 'My Dashboard' button.

Feb 10
Version 2.0

-Complete format change due to previous version not being sustainable
-Added community dashboard, where you can assist others with their questions.
-Upload using credits, which can be purchased or earned by helping others with their submissions

Jan 28
Version 1.2

Thanks to everyone for using the app! Special thanks to those who at least try their homework before submitting all of it!
Too many users abusing our good nature has forced us to implement in-app purchases. Problems that take too much time must now be purchased.
Removed contact features, as the unsavory users out there were basically the only ones that used them. If you need extra guidance or assistance, send an email.
Added status message to homescreen. Will indicate server outages, submission issues, etc, if applicable.
Changed photo submission process to allow for problem number/details entry right before submission. Perhaps this will convince more of you to actually let us know what problems you need help with. By the way, simply saying "All" is just about the quickest way to make us ignore your submission...So don't do it! :)

Nov 16
Version 1.1

Thanks to all who have tried out the app! Due to changes to our backend server, you may need to logout and log back in or delete and reinstall the app after update. If you've allowed push notifications, a reinstall may be required to begin receiving them. Apologies for any inconvenience.
-New homescreen which includes a quick method for contacting us.
-Minor changes on homework dashboard display.
-Backend is getting cramped, so deletion period decreased to 4 days. Save your pictures if you need them longer!

Nov 02
Version 1.0

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