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Please Note: You must be able to login directly to the http://www.echo360.org website before you can use the mobile apps. Please make sure you can do this. If you can not please contact your university helpdesk for help with your account.

Instructors and students using Echo360’s active learning platform can now use Echo360’s streamlined design and intuitive interface to view lecture slides, watch course videos on-demand, and even capture and upload video content and publish it to the platform.
- View lecture slides
- Interact with in class polls
- Watch dual-stream HD video presentations and lectures on-demand
- Capture instructional videos right from the application
- Share fieldwork videos in subjects that get outside the traditional classroom or demonstrate practical competency in the field

- Enhance your course library with mobile learning content that can be shared in Echo360

Additional App Notes:
- Users must be registered within the Echo360’s newest active learning platform to use the Echo360 mobile app.

- The app supports video uploads in MP4, M4V, 3GP, and AVI files formats

 Free in iOS App Store


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Version History

Launched Aug 10, 2015 (almost 4 years ago).

Releasing new versions every about 1 month, on average.

May 03
Version 3.11

* Fixes issues with the video upload feature accessing iCloud Photos
* Fixes issues with viewing confusion flags during video playback

Apr 17
Version 3.10

* Fixes issue with viewing video bookmarks in the study guide

Nov 01
Version 3.9

* Fixes issues when controlling playback from a locked screen
* Fixes issues when opening playback with closed captions

Oct 20
Version 3.8

* Fixes issue with a paused playback resuming when switching apps

Sep 07
Version 3.7

* Stability update

Aug 23
Version 3.6

* Stability update

Aug 21
Version 3.5

* Adds complete background audio mode for home screen, app switching and lock screen
* Adds playback controls to control center and lock screen
* Adds playback response to audio interruptions (phone calls, alarms and other apps)
* Fixes a few bugs

Jul 31
Version 3.4

* Stability updates to video player

Jul 21
Version 3.3

* Stability update

Jul 17
Version 3.2

* Improved response to real time slide visibility changes

Jul 05
Version 3.1

* Stability update

Jun 28
Version 3.0

* Added notes to the study guide
* Create, edit, and view notes on slide and video content
* New notebook feature for quick access to bookmarks and notes
* Network improvements to reduce logouts
* Stability improvements

Mar 31
Version 2.22

* Create, Update, and View slide and video bookmarks
* New course level Study Guide feature.
* Improved slide and video confusion feature for students
* Greatly improved class list view
* Change sort order in class list view
* Added 2.0 speed to video playback

Feb 16
Version 2.21

* Stability update

Feb 09
Version 2.20

* Fixes video capture and upload freezing issues
* Fixes access issues with video captures older than 30 days
* Adds stability improvements for CloudFront resources

Jan 26
Version 2.19

* Adds support for classes with only audio captures
* Updates to CloudFront capabilities
* Stability improvements and bug fixes

Dec 01
Version 2.18

* Stability improvements

Nov 06
Version 2.17

* Stability improvements

Nov 01
Version 2.16

* Support for CloudFront resources (faster video and image download).
* Fixes layout issue with playback time slider.
* Fixes crashes during playback.
* Fixes restart issue with background audio.
* Improves resolution of thumbnails and slides

Sep 04
Version 2.15

* Adds "audio only" to video playback quality options
* Adds close captions to offline video playback
* Utilizes audio only playback, when screen is locked, for bandwidth savings
* Continues audio playback while viewing slides and questions
* Restores previous video playback position
* Allows multiple video uploads in the background
* Resolves GMT issues
* Fixes crashes related to offline mode

Aug 17
Version 2.14

* Fixes SSO login issue

Jul 24
Version 2.13

* New lesson view layout with preview
* Securely download your lesson videos for offline review
* New offline mode that can be toggled anytime from the main menu
* Automatic switch to offline mode when no connection is detected
* Fix for issues when video upload view freezes

Jun 18
Version 2.12

* Added support for uploading media in Canadian region
* Fixed issue with Q&A not updating while in slide or video view

May 01
Version 2.11

* Enhanced closed caption support
* Improved variable speed playback

Apr 25
Version 2.10

* Fixes crashing issue with activity slides on certain devices

Apr 23
Version 2.9

* New visual theme
* Adds support for closed captioning display when available for a video
* Adds support for Variable Speed Playback
* Adds background audio support for playback while screen is locked
* Fixes intermittent crashing issues during app startup, login and video playback
* Fixes non-responsive issue with login button on certain devices
* Fixes non-responsive issue with video capture and upload
* Fixes non-responsive issue with slide navigation when using swiping gesture

Mar 08
Version 2.8

- Bug fixes and stability improvements

Feb 14
Version 2.7

* Ask and respond to questions when viewing video or slides.
* Like a question or response
* Indicate a slide or video scene is confusing
* Numerous other enhancements

Dec 04
Version 2.6

Stability improvements and bug fixes.

Nov 22
Version 2.5

Fix for video upload issues

Oct 25
Version 2.4

Fix for "Unable to parse authorization token for user" issue

Oct 21
Version 2.3

* Updated login workflow to support institution single sign on
* Added slide deck view for students and instructors for a quick overview
* Added detail slide view with pan/zoom
* Added student ability to answer polls in slide detail view
* Added instructor ability to control polls in slide detail view
* Added instructor ability to change slide visibility via a long press in slide deck view or using a visibility button in slide detail view
* Added ability for the user to toggle back and forth between slide view and video view
* Added pull to refresh on course and lesson views
* Updated upload video select view
* Improved tablet support for the entire application

Feb 25
Version 2.2

- Added Auto-Detect region feature for easier login
- Added user role selection popup at login
- Added access to the Echo360 Online Help site from the menu
- Added floating camera button in video upload for easier video captures
- Updated the default video playback quality to HD while on wifi networks
- Updated login error messaging
- Fixed a bug causing crashes with iOS 8 devices

Feb 06
Version 2.1

Fixed crash issue with iOS 8

Jan 27
Version 2.0

Student and Instructor lesson video playback
All new visual design and functionality
Added Term, Course, Section, Class selection for media playback
Course list is now the default view instead of video upload selection screen
Echo360 media upload is now accessible from the navigation menu

Sep 14
Version 1.1

- Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Aug 10
Version 1.0

Previous 3 versions

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