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FantasyGen is a random name generator for characters, monsters, places, and things in fantasy role-playing games. Results can be copied to the clipboard and pasted into other apps. Currently the generators supplied include:

People and Creatures:
- Angels, Demons
- Arabic, Egyptian, Old English
- Barbarian, Fantasy Names, Hyborian
- Elves, Dwarves
- Lizardfolk, Lovecraft, Orcs
- Orc Tribes, Organizations

Places and Things:
- Adventure Namer
- Book Titles, Herbs
- Fantasy Places, Geography, Woodlands
- Inns and Taverns, Streets, Towns
- Ship Names

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Version History

Launched Jul 28, 2015 (over 3 years ago).
Jul 05
Version 1.1

- Added generators for Elves and Dwarves.
- Support for Split View multitasking.
- Tapping a rolls option automatically generates results.
- Various bug fixes.

Jul 28
Version 1.0


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