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ROBERTS BIRD GUIDE 2 is a new app based on the new publication "Roberts Bird Guide (second edition)" with all new illustrations, distribution maps and bird texts for 977 Southern African bird species, including all the new species and names. The app can be used as a FIELD GUIDE like the book, or as a BIRD GUIDE with bird list and bird pages.

The FIELD GUIDE displays the full pages of the book for instant comparison and identification. Search the family list or swipe the pages for a bird, play the sound, view the distribution, add to your list, view and compare similar birds, open the BIRD PAGE for text and photographs, or open the BIRD GUIDE list at the selected bird.

The BIRD GUIDE includes a full bird list of 977 species with individual bird pages. The BIRD LIST has functions to open the Bird Page, Play the Sound or view the Distribution, direct Add to List or Add/Edit to list, view and compare Similar Birds, and open the Field Guide Page. The bird list also supports dual language display for any two of English, Afrikaans, German, French, Portuguese, Dutch and Scientific names.

The BIRD PAGES include illustrations, distribution maps, photos, bird sounds, Roberts Field Guide 2 text and the full Roberts VII text.

IDENTIFICATION uses your location, habitat, bird shapes and plumage to shortlist possible species for identification. You can also identify bird sounds, nests and eggs.

SIMILAR BIRDS loads a list of birds similar to that selected for comparison and identification. COMPARE BIRDS displays the bird pages side by side for direct comparison.

MY LOCATION is an interactive map for generating bird lists and locating birding sites. You can use your current location or drop a pin for a map location, or open a birding site description and bird list.

MY LISTS is a personal list manager that includes a life list and sub-lists that report to your life list. Sighting details include place, date, GPS co-ords and sighting notes. You can also backup your lists to Google Drive, and export to SDcard.

BIRDING SITES includes details of 280 birding sites around Southern Africa, with text description, photos, and bird list.

The MULTIMEDIA DATA includes • all the new bird species and names • 265 new field-guide pages • 977 individual bird pages • new field guide text from the Roberts Bird Guide (second edition) • over 3060 new illustrations • new colour-coded distribution maps with seasonal status bar • over 5870 photos including 500 nest and 700 egg photos • over 920 bird sounds • plus 22 new or potential vagrants.

# This app can be used in the bush and remote locations. It does not require a wifi, phone or internet connection to operate.

$ DIFFICULTY PURCHASING? If you have difficulty purchasing with your credit card, you can purchase Play Store gift cards from major stores.

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Version History

Launched Sep 25, 2019 (4 months ago).

Releasing new versions every about 1 month, on average.

Jan 15
Version 1.3

Update for Android 10.

Dec 13
Version 1.2

Bugfix for Similar > Compare birds.

Dec 10
Version 1.1

Roberts Bird Guide 2 v1.1
Fixed sound playback from personal lists.

Sep 24
Version 1.0

Roberts Bird Guide 2 v1.0

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