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No more notebooks, paper, pulling off tags and other hassles with doing Garage Sales the old fashioned way. With a press of a finger you can enter sales, select sellers and manage a multi-day Garage sale event. Totals for sellers are automatically calculated and displayed at all times.

There are no limits with RingUp Garage Sales!

Create unlimited Garage sales
Create unlimited Sellers
Sale totals and transactions are visible and current at all times
Easily handles Garage sales that are multi-day events
Easy touch button selection of seller name for a sale transaction
You can swipe the top buttons (left or right) to bring into view seller names selected for a sale
Select an unlimited amount of Sellers for a Garage sale
Each Garage sale can have its own unique set of sellers
Easily remove a transaction if you make a mistake
Add, Select or Remove sellers at anytime
Review all details from prior Garage sales
Modify historical Garage sales information (if needed)

If you want an easy way to manage sales during a Garage sale then
RingUp Garage Sales is perfect for you!

Designed specifically for Tablets.

 $2.99 in Google Play


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Version History

Launched Jul 13, 2015 (almost 4 years ago).
Sep 01
Version 1.1

Redesign and simplify usage. Other fixes.

Jul 12
Version 1.0


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