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These recordings were locked away and were meant to be viewed by Barry only for reference and archival purposes. Until now!

Hi Everyone. Barry here.

Since the days of going on those long tours are coming to a close, I thought this might be a good time to remind you all about ManilowTV.

I think many of you know that ever since I started performing I have hit the ""record"" button; be it audio or video. Recordings of every show I've ever done are in a big vault. (Right next to my baby shoes and the Copacabana jacket!).

All of these recordings were meant only for reference and archival purposes. I would look at the shows each night after a concert, make notes, and give them to the staff so that we could tighten the show or change things.

But watching them brings back so many great memories! I know you will enjoy seeing them.

That's what ManilowTV is all about.

Each month for the past six years, Marc and I have looked through hundreds of video tapes and DVD's and picked a performance that we think you would enjoy and have shown it on ManilowTV.

Even though some of the shows were recorded on one camera and the video and audio is not professional network quality, I think they are very exciting. I think you will too.

These shows bring back such great memories. Big laughs, some tears and such talent! Lady Flash! Big bands, small bands, choirs! England! Germany! Australia! Japan! So many American cities!

You'll see it all on ManilowTV.

I hope you check it out.

And keep the Kleenex nearby.


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• Pay $9.95 a month with a 7-day free trial, renewing monthly.*

With this subscription, you will receive:
• Access to five concerts every month, handpicked by Barry, straight from his own personal archive.
• Automatically beam videos from your phone to your Chromecast enabled devices
• Comment on videos with the rest of the community
• For existing subscribers, you can simply sign in to your account to get access. No need to resubscribe.
• No Internet required! Sync videos to watch offline, or connect with WiFi, 3G and 4G
• Pick up where you left off, no problem
• Tell your friends about your favorite videos with Twitter, Facebook, texts, and email, right in the app

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Version History

Launched Sep 21, 2016 (about 3 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 3 months, on average.

Oct 30
Version 5.201.1

Implements voice search
Improved HDCP error messaging
Improved offline license downloading
Implements deep linking without Branch
UX enhancements
Supports circular Android app icons

May 12
Version 4.940.1

Added ability to add collections to My List from the collection detail page.
Improved offline download manager.
Fixed an issue with capitalization and symbols in email addresses causing sign in issues.
Various bug fixes and optimizations.

Oct 01
Version 4.400.1

Feature Enhancements
Enhanced playback control options
Enabled control for toggling visibility of Continue Watching row in settings

Bug Fixes
Fixed an issue that caused audio on tv's to continue to play after the app was closed.
Fixed an issue with automatic scrolling on featured carousels with only a single item.

Sep 19
Version 4.303.1

Performance improvements and bug fixes.

Mar 25
Version 4.003.1

Updated user experience
Performance improvements
Bug fixes

Nov 06
Version 3.9.3

This release fixes an issue where users on specific versions of Android could not progress past the logo.

Oct 22
Version 3.9.2

Fixed a crash that was occurring when logging out of the app

Aug 31
Version 3.8

Improved subtitles over ChromeCast
Improved duration granularity for videos

Jun 20
Version 3.5

Feature Enhancements
Implemented Video Player SDK into existing Android app
Added 'Offline Videos' button on No Internet Connection Screen only when offline videos are Synced.
Fixed a bug that caused the list of collection/categories to get cut off for large lists on Amazon Fire TV
Fixed a bug that caused the search keypad to stay open after tapping a search result
Fixed a bug where the Play/Pause button was not working in Chromecast

May 08
Version 3.4.3

Added a fix for video descriptions ignoring line breaks
When a user searches for a Video or Collection and gets no results the app will now search for results of the other type and display them, if found
Fixed Chromecast crashes
Fixed a bug that loaded video detail info even when none was available
Fixed a bug that caused audio to continue playing after entering Sleep mode on Amazon Fire devices
Fixed a bug on Android TV that made periods look like spaces in email fields

Feb 22
Version 3.3

Fixed an issue that prevented the subscription button from loading.

Jan 18
Version 3.2

Brand new ManilowTV app! Subscribe directly to new concerts every month!

Sep 21
Version 2.0

Brand new ManilowTV app! Subscribe directly to new concerts every month!

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