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Tap Music Tiles is a music game with a simple but very attractive gameplay.

With just a touch of the screen to play your favorite songs, Tap Music Tiles is suitable for all ages.

Join the Tap Music Tiles, you can play the famous songs by yourself, such as: Happy New Year, Little Star, Canon, Beyer No.8, The Painter, ...

Tap Music Tiles, have beautiful graphics and are extremely sharp, perfect sound and very smooth gaming experience.

Tap Music Tiles includes over 200 popular songs, and is continuing to be added by our team. You just need to comment on the name of the songs you love, we will add those songs for you.

> Featured Features in Tap Music Tiles:
- Variety of music and continuous updates
- Sharp graphics, perfect sound
- Simple gameplay
- Smooth control
- No internet connection required

> How to play Tap Music Tiles:
You just tap and the music tiles on the screen to play your music. The music tiles will move faster, so you need to tap faster!

Have fun with Tap Music Tiles!

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Secondary: Music

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Version History

Launched Jul 06, 2018 (over 1 year ago).
Jul 05
Version 1.1