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You can practice an idea, harmony, music dictation, sight-reading of the improvisation to try a performance to hear "1,000 jazz licks" at the same time.

★ You can reproduce all a tape recording source from

★ You can play 1st to the 1000th of example mp3. (Constructed in play tone + play along)

★ It is connected to the theory of harmony and jazz licks

★ It includes theory of harmony, the advice of an idea and the solo performance of the improvisation

★ It is convenient for the one that wants to learn jazz from the basics to deepening deeply.

The music is called "the second language". The music means that you must learn to study a language. In other

words, it is necessary for to hear it, and to say, and a basic domain of the reading and writing to connect it

organically. It increases vocabulary based on it if you learn “theory of harmony" such as "the grammar" of the

language (1000 licks) and read (score first interview) and say (performance), and you hear it (You hear a sound

source), and, as for the servo, there is course need of (imitate an example on impulse)

The jazz in particular may demand the expression that is systematic and more intellectual so that an announcer says

in high-quality vocabulary and the tone that you can transmit at a level as you express natural feelings like a joke and

a daily conversation to exchange lightly.

Therefore, grasp structure and a form of the phrasing based on abundant vocabulary vary; must be able to use it

properly. So that this application reads a book to totally introduce "the technique of talks" to; this; it is important to

gradually learn one by one.

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Launched Aug 15, 2016 (over 2 years ago).
Aug 15
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