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DesignmyhouseA is a house design tool. It generates 3D house model from floor plan. And Then following the furniture filling and painting selection. Users can design their house with ease. Afterwards DesignmyhouseA provides features to render the design photo. AR view picture generation is introduced in this APP. Users can make high quality AR photos to compare their idea in their own situation. A special AI assistant is also included.
Detail features are listed below:
Floorplan edition: click and drag wall drawing wall selection, wall removal
3D design: Augment reality, AR, or not AR mode choice. Load file from SD card. Save file to phone SD card. Wall height tuning, default wall height is 8.2 feet. FOV tunning and camera height tuning for different level of visualization. Image rendering. Inside wide eye angle view, presentation small eye angle view. AR View image generation. Around 200 wall paper and floor textures can be selected.
The measurement mode provides users a simple way to use AR to measure the distance. This is done by fitting the AR scene to the reality. Camera height and FOV is to fit the true position of phone and the camera on the phone. So that we can measure the real distance. With this function users can make the true floorplan on their own house or any real estate by simply clicking and dragging.
Furniture: Many furniture are included.
Painting: Many paintings are included thanks to pixabay.com's CC0 license.
AI: An AI call ADARA can help to answer certain questions.
The AI measurement is a Unique feature for this APP. It can be used to measure long open area distance also.

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Version History

Launched Dec 19, 2017 (almost 3 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 9 days, on average.

Mar 04
Version 0.1.5

Interface Optimization.

Feb 28
Version 0.1.4

Performance improvement

Feb 22
Version 0.1.2

Fast initial loading. Add more items and design models.

Feb 05
Version 0.0.7

Add social sharing function and top up 33 items.

Jan 28
Version 0.0.6

Add AR View picture extraction, change the logo, improve performance.

Jan 11
Version 0.0.5

Change the init model with AR mesh floor for easy ground tracking.

Jan 09
Version 0.0.4

New release include the camera height tuning parameter. Now users can choose which level to view their design. This is especially useful for design for kids or design for giants.

Jan 07
Version 0.0.2

Performance improvement. Now it is much faster to start.

Dec 19
Version 0.0.1

AR house design debut

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