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This application shows your GPS position on the hiking map of the South Mountain Reservation. In addition, the application allows you to determine the length of planned hikes. The application's map is based on on the detailed 2017 topographical map developed by the South Mountain Conservancy showing hiking trails, contour lines, and facilities in the park. The reservation, originally designed by the Olmsted Brothers, is the largest park in Essex County, NJ. It offers over 50 miles of trails, several picnic areas, and many scenic attractions.

The application offers several useful features for users of Android smartphones:

• Comprehensive, multi-colored map.
• Answers: Where am I? Push the centering button to show where you are and, when moving, the direction you are heading.
• Zoom in on map details. Just like on Google maps, you can easily focus on any specific area of the reservation.
• Needs only a GPS signal. After downloading the map on your phone, the application does not require an internet connection or use data. (Internet connections can be spotty within the park.) If you haven’t used the app in a few days, you may momentarily need an internet connection to re-validate the app license.
• Measures distances. Tracing your finger or stylus on the map over a possible route provides a track and the distance to 0.01 of a mile.
• Page-sensitive help. Touch the ? icon for page-specific instructions.
• Pull-down legend. Defines map icons.
• Automatic updates. Updates each year keep the app current as changes in trails, etc., occur, with no additional fee.
• Ad free.

All proceeds from the sale of this application (after paying 30 percent to Google) support the mission of the Conservancy, the non-profit, 501 (c) (3) volunteer organization that serves as a steward of, and advocate for, the Reservation. Go to http://www.somocon.org to see a calendar of free hikes and other programs, learn about volunteer opportunities, get on the Conservancy’s mailing list, or become a member. From our online store, you can purchase Dave Hogenauer’s pocket-sized Trail Guide to the SMR that describes the trails and recommended hikes, or see a list of local retail distributors.

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Version History

Launched Dec 04, 2018 (about 1 year ago).
Apr 18
Version 1.1

Enhancement to in app help, bug fix

Dec 03
Version 1.00

The initial release.