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The Kalimba, also called Karimba, Thumb Piano, Lamellophone, Mbira, Sanza, among others, is a musical instrument from southern Africa. The keys are plucked with thumb or fingers, and the vibrations are amplified by a hollow box resonator or sounding board.

With the Kalimba Android app you can experience this popular African percussion instrument for yourself. You can configure it like any kalimba you like with up to eleven keys. Set the tuning of the keys to any scale your favourite song requires. Unlike a real kalimba, these can be saved and restored whenever you like. It also supports Midi over WiFi using DSMI for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Play several popular songs with an easy to use playalong feature. You don't have to practice for weeks to entertain your friends. Play for your kids, or let them try. This app is also excellent for educational purposes!

Please email me at johs@ringheimsauto.org if have suggestions, feedback or bug reports.

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Version History

Launched Oct 09, 2012 (over 7 years ago).
Oct 08
Version 1.4.0

* Playalong function simplified. Now it is much easier to play the songs.
* 9 more songs to play.
* Improved multitasking support.