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Steampunk and Absinthe-inspired circa 1870.

The lucky 13th watchface in the award-winning* OilCan Series, the OilCanX2-Juliet. Exposed gears, a mechanical day-of-the-week/month/date dial, day/night custom weather icons, and battery level indicators for both your watch and phone. And a leather-bound face to finish off this beauty.

OilCan Watches: nothing derivative, nothing like you’ve ever seen.

NOTE: If you're experiencing trouble with the weather icons and temperature not updating or properly displaying, go in to WatchMaker Premium settings, tap "Weather", "Weather Provider" and change to another weather provider listed. This is a common issue with many WatchMaker watchfaces.

Installation instructions:

1) Make sure you have the WatchMaker Premium Watch Face app installed on your device. Without it, this face will not work.

2) Install OilCanX2-Juliet on to your device.

3) Launch WatchMaker Premium, and click on my the My Watches tab. OilCanX2-Juliet will be the first watchface in the list.

We love our customers, and we want them to be happy with their watchfaces. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at oilcanwatches@gmail.com. We will respond as quickly as possible.

You must have WatchMaker (goo.gl/ESgCZR) -AND- corresponding License Transfer (goo.gl/P3UxMR) in order to use this face. It WILL NOT WORK without both installed.

For some of our free watchfaces, please visit www.watchawear.com and search "oilcan", or go to https://facerepo.com/app/search/results?sortOrder=relevance&query=oilcan1000&page=1

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OilCanX2-J Steampunk watchface screenshot 1OilCanX2-J Steampunk watchface screenshot 2OilCanX2-J Steampunk watchface screenshot 3OilCanX2-J Steampunk watchface screenshot 4OilCanX2-J Steampunk watchface screenshot 5OilCanX2-J Steampunk watchface screenshot 6OilCanX2-J Steampunk watchface screenshot 7OilCanX2-J Steampunk watchface screenshot 8OilCanX2-J Steampunk watchface screenshot 9OilCanX2-J Steampunk watchface screenshot 10OilCanX2-J Steampunk watchface screenshot 11OilCanX2-J Steampunk watchface screenshot 12OilCanX2-J Steampunk watchface screenshot 13OilCanX2-J Steampunk watchface screenshot 14OilCanX2-J Steampunk watchface screenshot 15

Version History

Launched Mar 16, 2016 (about 3 years ago).
May 02
Version 3

Weather icons corrected. If you're still getting the dreaded "question mark (?)" for the weather, go into WatchMaker settings, click on Weather and change the weather provider.

And if you have ANY issues whatsoever, don't hesitate to contact us. We usually respond within a couple of hours. If not, we'll get back to you by next business day.

Apr 08
Version 2

Mar 16
Version 1.0


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