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App Features
-Direct dial/email absentee.
-Subscribe to and receive timely alerts from different School groups.
-View and add School events to your phone's Calendar.
-Receive Daily Notices to your Phone.
-School Site map
-Easily Share the app to your Friends/Family/Colleagues via SMS, Facebook, Twitter, Email.

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Version History

Launched May 04, 2017 (about 3 years ago).
Sep 20
Version 1.9.13

- Fix to alert subscriptions storage for existing user
- Moved alert delete to swipe RTL
- Moved alert read toggle to swipe RTL
- GetArray native storage bug patch
- Absentee form save details patch

Aug 15
Version 1.9.8

- Updated push notification handler
- Rebuilt alerts interface and read/unread logic
- Added native storage for Kamar modules
- Fix to subscriptions native storage issues
- Removed 'Are you sure to exit?'
- Changes to whitelisting
- Updated device API support for newer device models
- Plugins updated
- Dropped support for Android 4.3 and below.
- Fix to banners sometimes not displaying
- Update banner module to refresh each page load

May 03
Version 1.8.3