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Beatonal is an accessible music making app, enabling you to easily create and share your musical ideas using the built-in synthesizers and drum machine.
Create drum loops using pattern pads, and effortlessly sketch bass lines, chord progressions and melodies.

This app is free to try, but requires an in-app purchase to unlock all advanced features and project saving.

other features include:
- 4 audio channels: drum machine, bass, chords and lead
- Input is automatically fixed to a user selectable scale
- Minimal audio latency
- Contains demo tracks to get you started
- Analog synth with two oscillators, FM, AM and pitch modulation, lowpass filter, and various effects
- Contains 60 built-in synth presets, but you can also create and store your own presets
- Store tracks on your device
- User friendly track sharing through track-url's
- Export track as MIDI so you can continue your work inside other apps or a DAW
- Export track as wav
- Small app size, runs on virtually all android devices
- Send MIDI over USB so you can play live music on your pc with low latency (requires Android 6.0)
- Load your own drumsamples
- Synchronize with other music apps using Ableton Link

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Version History

Launched Apr 14, 2016 (almost 3 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 2 months, on average.

Jul 17
Version 2.1

added Ableton Link

Jun 12
Version 2.0

- improved track saving
- note editing
- mixer
- accessible storage directory to manage saves, exports and drum samples
- MIDI over USB (requires Android 6.0)

Dec 20
Version 1.5

- improved playback
- added swing
- added chord-arp

Oct 18
Version 1.4

- improved performance
- added wav/midi export

Aug 25
Version 1.3

- improved user interface
- added chords channel

May 07
Version 1.2

Apr 24
Version 1.1

Apr 14
Version 1.0

Previous 3 versions


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