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i-Learn Smart Start Fun English is a great way for children to learn English and have fun at the same time! Play games, sing songs and learn to speak, read, listen and write in English. Help your kids get the Smart Start they need in learning English!

Key Features
• Created by education experts for young learners
• For kids aged 5-11
• Learn 300+ English words and use them in a wide variety of contexts and situations
• More than 100 fun and engaging games
• 2 free themes = 12 exciting games
• Bright, attractive and colorful pictures
• Catchy songs to aid language retention
• Intuitive, child-friendly games – pick up and play!
• Use as a standalone resource or combine with the i-Learn Smart Start series of textbooks for a comprehensive approach to learning English

i-Learn Smart Start Fun English combines a clearly structured English course with fun and effective games.

The course is divided into themes and each theme focuses on core vocabulary and how to use the vocab in a variety of situations. The use of engaging games and gamification ensures that young learners are both entertained and motivated to keep learning – instant feedback allows children to see their progress.

Games are designed to enhance language retention and improve motor skills such as hand-eye coordination, reactions, and concentration.

The course uses either American or British English to ensure kids are exposed to natural language and pronunciation.

Vietnamese is available as a language option and a full parents guide makes it easy for parents to navigate the app and keep track of their child’s progress.

2 Free Themes - 12 Learning Games!

• Colors – Learn about the major colors.
• Sea Animals – Explore the sea and meet lots of different animals

Available for in-app purchase:

Pack A:
• Colors - Learn about how colors can mix together to make new colors.
• Animals – An introduction to animals big and small.
• Numbers - Learn how to count.
• The Body – Can you recognize the parts of the body?
• School Bag – What can you see at school? Whose is it?
• Actions – Play! Sing! Do! Learn the verb you need for actions.

Pack B:
• Sea Animals – Find out how some animals are the same and some are different.
• Fruits – What fruits do you like? Talk about your favorite fruits.
• Food – What do you want to eat? Talk about your favorite food.
• Clothes – Describe what your people are wearing.
• Vehicles – How do you get around? Describe different kinds of transport.
• The House – Talk about your house and what’s inside it.

About us:
DTP Online is an education company specializing in providing innovative educational solutions that utilize the latest technological developments to benefit all kinds of English language learners. We believe that learning English should be a fun and rewarding experience.

Need help?
Get Help and Support: http://www.i-learn.vn/fun_english/support

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Version History

Launched Jul 21, 2017 (over 3 years ago).
Aug 15
Version 15.2.0

Improved performance.

Sep 25
Version 15.1.4

This version allows the app to start up in better languages, and restores old purchases automatically when reinstalling.

Jul 20
Version 15.0.0