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Current and valid FAA&AISWEB aviation charts updated every 28 days, including approach plates! Includes basic international airport data from ourairports.net and openAIP.net.

Due to no freely avialable charts, please note that for charts outside of USA&Brazil non current ONC/VFR with a current openAIP overlay is available, but NO IFR charts or plates are available.

Includes a free 30 day trial!

If you wish to continue using SkyCharts after the trial, please purchase a $3.99/month subscription. Note that buying a subscription does not unlock any additional features.

For USA/Alaska, the application has all current FAA VFR (sectional+WAC), IFR (High and Low), TAC, FLY (flip side of TAC chart), Helicopter, Gulf Coast WAC, Gulf Of Mexico, and Wall aviation charts.
Grand Canyon charts are included in the TAC charts, and Bahamas and Mexico as WAC charts.

Brazil has VFR, IFR (High and Low) and approach plates.

Also included is a METAR/TAF overlay, and an IFR overlay to view routes on top of VFR charts.

Its very easy to create and modify routes directly on the map or by drag&drop in table.
Navigation readout is configurable to fit exactly what you want to see. It also has a nifty auto-layout feature that selects fields for you in both portrait and landscape mode.

DOUBLE TAP on map to view A/FD and approach plates.
Map has VFR/IFR/LIFR color-coded weather METARs, with orange TAFs.

SUA (Special Use Airspace) information is also available.
Download charts and plates for offline usage.

* Fast zoom/scroll of included charts using standard gestures.
* Allows download of charts for offline usage. Charts are selected on a region basis.
* Navigation computes GS, TRK, DTK, DIS & ETE to final waypoint.
* METAR/TAF color coded dots according to ADDS: http://www.skycharts.net/?page_id=421
* Double tap on airport to select A/FD and TPPs/IAPs to view.
* Huge built-in navigation database, with all 20,000 airports, 45,000 FAA IFR/VFR navigation fixes and 2,100 FAA VOR/ADF fixes.

For more information, please see the webpage at

The monthly subscription of SkyCharts XC aviation data of $3.99 is auto-renewed. Payment will be charged to your Google Play Store account at confirmation of purchase. You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your Google Play Store account settings, but you must do so at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period to avoid being billed for the next cycle. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during the active period. Any unused portion of a free trial period will be forfeited when you purchase a subscription to SkyCharts XC.

The privacy policy and EULA can be found here:

For fast response to all questions, comments or suggestions, please email support@skycharts.net

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Version History

Launched Aug 10, 2016 (over 3 years ago).

Releasing new versions every about 2 months, on average.

Sep 03
Version 5.4.6

Android 9 support
1909 database

May 22
Version 5.4.5

*Bugfix for user defined waypoint
*You can now download the A/FD and approach plates on an airport basis! When used in conjunction with 'Charts only' option you can get away with downloading half the amount of data compared to previous versions. Note: obviously you then have to make sure all the airports you intend to use have been downloaded!

May 19
Version 5.4.4

*Moved subscription info to the top and the GDPR to the bottom on the Subscription page in order to easier find info on smaller devices.
*Built in 1805 database

Apr 30
Version 5.4.3

*GDPR updates
*METAR/TAF now stays up even when map is moved
*Built in 1804 database

Apr 19
Version 5.4.2


Mar 24
Version 5.4.1

*More international data
*New openAIP layer
*Built in 1803 database

Feb 25
Version 5.4.0

*New layers for NDB/VOR, Airports and Fixes! Very quick to bring up airport information right on the map.
*Built in 1802 database

Jan 30
Version 5.3.9

*Built in 1801 database

Jan 17
Version 5.3.6

*built in 1709 database

Aug 31
Version 5.3.5

*Stability fixes
*Built in 1706 database
*Manual lat/long support
*Routes no longer always contain direct
Please update to enjoy the latest features!

Jun 18
Version 5.3.4

Built in 1703 database
Download page now has South America information

Feb 26
Version 5.3.3

Background processing adjustment - adjust automatically for type of device.
Upcoming Brazil charts! (available in cycle 1703).

Feb 08
Version 5.3.2

Now with autoPlates!
The app will suggest geo-referenced approaches from the prevailing wind and your center of map.
You need to download a region for this to work.
You can turn off this feature by selecting Layers->Overlay->AUTO
AutoPlates is only available on devices running Android 5.1.x, 6.x and 7.x
Region download percentage now counts total size and not number of files
Built in 1702 database

Jan 17
Version 5.2.8

*Built in 1701 database
*Ads now only show up when trial has expired
*Fix for TAC charts

Jan 02
Version 5.2.7

Now with built in flight simulator communication to X-Plane and Elite!
Automatically pick up position, speed and heading when sim-flying.
Perfect for doing practice approaches using the geo-referenced plates!
Please see this page how to setup X-Plane.

Dec 04
Version 5.2.2

Updates and bugfixes.

Nov 14
Version 5.2.1


Sep 16
Version 5.1.0

Built in 1610 database
Easier to add route on smaller devices (moved +route all the way to the left).

Sep 09
Version 5.0.9

Nicer confirm of routes

Sep 07
Version 5.0.7

Lots of minor layout fixes to fit small devices better.

Sep 02
Version 5.0.6

Fix for airport search when not in USA
Fix for units with no compass

Sep 01
Version 5.0.4

More layout fixes for devices with smaller screens.
Only show airports with asphalt runways on 'nearest'

Aug 30
Version 5.0.3

Layout fixes for devices with smaller screens.
Updated plugins
Merged changes from iOS branch

Aug 16
Version 5.0.0

Totally rewritten version, with many new features like overlays and geo-referenced approach charts!
Same trusted charts as used in the iOS version which has around since 2008!

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