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This easy-to-use App helps you create personal prayer cards to help you pray more regularly and track how God is at work in your life. Inspired by the life-changing A Praying Life book and seminars, which have helped thousands of people to maintain a daily relationship with their Father through prayer, this practical tool helps you stay constantly plugged in to God’s activity around you. Create new cards, modify existing ones, add Scriptures, and much more. The App sorts your cards into daily, weekly, and monthly groups so you can pray through a wide variety of requests faithfully. All you have to do is show up!

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Version History

Launched Mar 07, 2018 (over 1 year ago).

Releasing new versions every 2 months, on average.

Sep 26
Version 1.1.3

Minor changes under the hood.

Sep 16
Version 1.1.2

Several minor changes/improvements under the hood.

Jun 02
Version 1.1.0

Several improvements.
PrayerCards now can be scheduled for a specific day of the week or month.
Sub-scrolling in the PrayerCard displays has been resolved to full display of the PrayerCard in a single scrolling view.
The screen to enter the Scripture Reference when adding a Scripture Reference to the Scripture Reference Library should work better.

Jun 05
Version 1.0.9

Minor fix to resolve crash when adding Scripture References to the Scripture Reference Library.

Jun 03
Version 1.0.8

Resolved a minor issue that prevented the 'save' button from activating when a 'prayer request' or 'scripture reference' was deleted from the prayer card.

May 27
Version 1.0.7

Added card #/# on the right bottom of the prayer card.
Added last prayed date and time ago on the left bottom of the card.
Resolved an issue with removing prayer request and scripture references not being detected.

May 02
Version 1.0.5

Made some changes to the 'cloud' backup of the "Prayer Cards", "Categories" and "Scripture References". For some reason this did not seem to work as expected or intended on older Android versions (before Android 6.0 API)
Enabled Auto Backup which is available on newer versions of Android (Android 6.0)
Added a scroll bar to the Scripture Reference Library.
Included the Scripture Reference Index i.e. "Ephesians 6:1", in the search so that this can be searched.

Apr 20
Version 1.0.4

Resolved a problem with managing categories. Added and updates categories should be persistent now.

Mar 15
Version 1.23

Resolved an issue where 'Scripture References' can not be removed from the 'Scripture Reference Library'. Now this should work the same as in Categories. Tab the 'reorganize/order' button in the menu on the top right. Left-Swipe Scripture References to remove them. Tab the 'reorganize/order' button.

Mar 07
Version 1.22

First release of A Praying Life - Prayer Cards App for Android.

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