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Map application for moving in the nature in Finland. App uses topographic maps of Finland made by National Land Survey of Finland. The maps show detail information of the terrain.

Current features are:
- Showing the devices location on the map (needs GPS-signal)
- OFFLINE MAPS! User can now define an area on the map and download it to be used when offline. Download maps at the hotel and use them in the wild later!
- Editable route for planning your way to your destination
- Shows the track travelled
- Info view shows useful data like: distance travelled and user's coordinates
- Map legend
- Leaves a marker where you started your session
- Shows a marker where you last used the app
- Shows GPS-signals accuracy visually
- Compass
- Scale
- Zoom
- Settings, for disabling/enabling features
- Shows when there's no data connection and when location can't be defined

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Finland Topography screenshot 1Finland Topography screenshot 2Finland Topography screenshot 3Finland Topography screenshot 4Finland Topography screenshot 5Finland Topography screenshot 6Finland Topography screenshot 7

Version History

Launched Mar 14, 2014 (about 5 years ago).
Mar 13
Version 1.0.8

v. 1.0.8
NEW: Finnish as UI language
NEW: Can show and hide all offline map areas at same time
CHANGE: Offline map max size raised from 20 km to 50 km
CHANGE: Other small changes to offline maps
FIXED: Compass is not anymore a device requirement.

v. 1.0.7
FIXED: Opening settings crashed the app on Android versions newer than 3.2

v. 1.0.3
FIXED: App crashed if SD card not writable.

v. 1.0.0
NEW: Offline maps
NEW: Settings view added.


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