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Songo, your favourite quirky chord finder for Android has evolved into Songo Recorder! This musical chord finder app is now an even better tool for composition and songwriting.

Songo Recorder will help you discover chord progressions by grouping chords of the same key together. It's an audible reference tool for all 12 musical keys, including chords and scales. Transpose music or just play around. No music theory knowledge required. You can also explore modal scales within keys.

The full version has a built-in audio/voice recorder, scale modes visualisation and 7th chords. Plus you can save a text memo with each recording. The extended chord ring design adds intuitive access to chords and modes inside each musical key... and outside.

Songo makes it easy to see the chords and notes that just work. Be just like Mozart.. Record your fun! Go Songo!

The centre yellow chord represents the current key. Directly below it is the relative minor key. The surrounding chords are made from the major scale of the current key. Change keys with the left and right arrows underneath the chord ring.

The outer ring of letters shows 12 tones, highlighting the relevant mode. Change mode by clicking Ionian (full version).

You can also add a 7th to chords using the 7 ON/OFF toggle (full version).

Songo is a personal programming project, made as a handy reference tool for songwriting. Feedback is welcome, especially if you find any wrong notes... I never did finish music school.

 $1.99 in Google Play


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Version History

Launched Sep 05, 2018 (7 months ago).
Sep 22
Version 1.1

Improved layout for low resolution devices

Sep 05
Version 1.0

Complete new build.


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