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Whether it is to become more autonomous or to face the various hazards of life, a good preparation is necessary. The BE-ready application is there to help you.

The BE-READY application has been designed to help you in your thinking process and preparation, by allowing you to:

• think about the most likely risks to you and your family
• evaluate your level of preparedness in the 10 main areas (health, energy, finance, defense...) with about 100 points of control
• manage your inventories (first aid kit, food...)

To do that, 4 modules are available :

1. "Persons" module
This module allows you to define the main members of your group and to track their state.

2. "Framework" module
This module offers a general framework of thinking, taking into account the different axes surrounding the individual preparation (10 axes). Everyone will be able to choose the elements that interest him and evaluate his strengths and weaknesses with about 100 points of control. Each point is evaluated from 0% (nothing is done) to 100% (everything is under control) and this for 5 time period (crisis, short term, medium term, long term and very long term).

3. "Inventories" module
This module allows you to manage lists of your various stocks.

4. "Risks" module
This module allows you to list the main risks you incur. Once the latter have been identified, measures can be taken to reduce their impacts.A risk library is also available to help you in your thinking.


• Application and content are available in English and French
• Application is complete. No add or In-App purchase.

• Keywords: survivalist, prepper, resilience, homesteading, planning, preparedness, prepping, survivalism

 $4.99 in Google Play


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Version History

Launched Sep 28, 2017 (over 1 year ago).
Sep 27
Version 1.1

New in v.1.1:
- "Framework" module: add an export function
- "Risks" module: add an export function
- "Inventories" module : improve how the expired date of the items is managed, add a date picker and show if the item is expired in the list
- Homepage: show a list of expired items
- Export template: redesign (v1.1) the layout of the exported HTML pages
- Changelog: add the page showing the changelog (this current page)
- Clean of the code


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