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[3DSteroid IR Pro] is a stereoscopic application for Android.
- Auto-Alingment L/R images (Pro version only)
- Higt resolution image saving (Pro version only)
- Infrared reception from fuji W1/W3.
- Input file : L/R independent,SBS,MPO
- Over 1000 images WEB Gallerie access
- Display method : SBS,Mirror,Wiggle,2D,Anaglyph
- Save displayed image and send the saved file by email.
- Slide Show
- Take L/R pictures with the internal camera.
- Adjust L/R image positions and rotation error.
- etc

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Version History

Launched Jul 23, 2011 (over 9 years ago).
Jul 23
Version 2.01

Remade the UI,icon and opening image.(Designed by imaohji)
Improved the thumbnail image in 'Open File Dialogue' and supported by all editions.
Improved the launching speed.
Improved the scrolling in 'Open File Dialogue'(Pro Version only).
Added an option for Show/Hide the thumbnail image in 'Open File Dialogue'(Pro Version only).