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ThinkRight.me, anchored by globally acclaimed emotional mentor BK Sister Shivani, is your Emotional Fitness Companion. Create a New Vibrant & Positive You - shift from stress to calmness, anger to patience, fear to confidence and hurt to compassion. Peak Emotional Fitness is just One Click Away.

With ThinkRight.me, you can use the Power of your Thoughts, Daily Affirmations and Creative Visualizations to transform your life. It’s simple … think right through the day and we help you do it every day. Sign Up Now on this Exciting Transformational journey for Happiness, Health & Harmony.

Key Features:
• 5 minutes every morning for guided audio Affirmations from BK Shivani.
• Achieve your emotional fitness goals with creative notifications.
• 5-minute video with BK Shivani to reflect on your day’s journey
• Reclaim your peace with 1- minute SOS meditations.
• Guided Meditations with BK Shivani. New meditations will be added monthly.

Why Think Right?
You are an achiever. You have understood what is necessary for you to succeed in life. Yet you have insecurities, you get angry, you are not in control of situations. You aren't sleeping well.
Every thought you create influences your feelings and your health, relationships, performance and world at large. Positive change in your thoughts creates a positive change in all aspects of your life.

Discover the life-changing power of Daily Affirmations & Visualizations with BK Shivani.

Gentle Reminders during the day to Stay Aligned to the Affirmation.

Evening Video Session with BK Shivani.

Guided Meditations with BK Shivani for letting go expectations & fears, creating beautiful relationships, sleeping well.

LIVE Q & A Sessions with BK Shivani.

Record your journey on the Emotional Fitness Tracker.

Get SOS help to manage your negative emotions with 1-Minute Meditations.

Feed happy thoughts to nourish your mind with inspiring Articles.

ThinkRight.me guides you to create the Right Thoughts because Your Every Thought Creates Your Destiny.

Subscription to ThinkRight.me offers:
+ Powerful Daily Affirmations, Friendly Hand-holding for Positive Emotional Transformation.
+ Access to LIVE Q & A Sessions with BK Sister Shivani, Brand New Meditations Released Regularly, and Lots of Nourishment for Your Mind Through Engaging Content.

The current ThinkRight.me auto renewable subscription comes with Yearly plan.

Payment will be charged at confirmation of purchase.

ThinkRight.me Subscription can be activated using in-app purchases at the rate applicable in your country.

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Version History

Launched Dec 07, 2018 (about 1 month ago).
Dec 27
Version 1.2

New Gift vouchers available.
Minor bug fixes

Dec 21
Version 1.1

New Gift vouchers available.
Minor bug fixes

Dec 07
Version 1.0

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