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Unlike any other alarm! Motivational speeches, quotes, and inspiration designed to get you out of bed with motivation and into your day full of energy and motivated to seize the day!

Motivational Alarm is the perfect alarm if you ever start your morning off feeling uninspired, drowsy, or dread the upcoming day. The motivational alarm allows you to seize the day and allow you to start your morning in a completely different way from before. Wake up the right way, get your daily dose of inspiration today!

Typical alarms use a stale or overused sound for their wake-up call but with the motivational alarm clock you're able to choose from various motivational speakers and pick who you prefer to start your morning to. Ideal app for people who oversleep in the morning, heavy sleepers, and those who have low energy starting off their day. Start waking up inspired with the gentle alarm feature automatically included into the motivational alarms, which allows for you to wake up inspired and not lead to drowsy mornings.

The best motivational app out there, hand selected and edited motivational speaker ringtones which are designed to get you out of bed right. This motivational alarm allows you to have multiple speakers wake you up, from setting multiple alarms with your favorite speakers to choosing a motivational alarm which contains a compilation of inspirational speakers. Using this inspiration as a wake up call will certainly improve how you get out of bed and attack the day.

“A year from now you will wish you had started today."

Motivational Alarm Features Include:
*Currently 30 different motivational alarms with more to come
*Motivational speeches from motivational and inspirational speakers such as:
-Eric Thomas
-Les Brown
-Arnold Schwarzenegger
-Gary Vaynerchuck
-Steve Harvey
-Combination of various motivational speakers
-& Many More
*Snooze button delay feature which allows for optimal energizing wake-up rather than a
drowsy instant snooze wake-up
*Includes option to have only the dismiss feature or have both the snooze and dismiss
displayed when alarm plays
*Various assortment of inspirational quotes which are randomly chosen and displayed on
app startup, new quote shown every launch
*Alarms set to work even if you lock your screen, close the app, or leave the app open
*Turn alarms off and on again with a simple tap
*Messed something up creating the alarm? Easily go back into the alarm by clicking on it
to edit any mistakes or just to change the alarm
*Clean intuitive interface which allows you to setup your desired alarm quickly and without
*Gentle alarm feature on alarm sounds which starts off quiet initially and gets louder so that you are able to wake up optimally and have the motivation to take on the day right

Get today for many positive benefits, including:
*Wake up inspired and ready to start your day
*Get motivation from loads of different motivational speakers and others
*No more dreary, drowsy, dreadful, uninspired mornings
*Alarm clock ringtones designed specifically for the most optimal wake up
*Inspirational quotes on app launch which will get you in the right mood for better sleep and ready to take on tomorrow
*Motivational alarm ringtones are mostly above half a minute which allows for optimal mind motivation and getting you into the right mindset

Future Updates Planned:
-Support for other languages
-More motivational alarms
-More inspirational quotes
-Allow option for auto-play of YouTube videos on alarm snooze/completion
-Various display options such as a light, dark, or even festive display
-Visual update
-Let us know what other motivational alarm sounds or inspirational quotes you would like to have added

If you have any suggestions as to how we can improve motivational alarm we would love to hear from you. Reach us at Hypereacom@Gmail.com

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Version History

Launched Dec 28, 2018 (12 months ago).

Releasing new versions every 7 days, on average.

Jan 23
Version 3.0

-Motivational Alarm -Version 3.0-
*Added 15+ new motivational sounds
-New motivational tones from speakers such as:
~Tom Bilyeu
~Joe Rogan
~Eric Thomas
~Les Brown
~and more
*Added in a snooze feature along with the dismiss alarm
*New Snooze feature set for 3minutes, 3times; custom choices update soon
*Can now listen to alarm sounds before choosing it for the alarm
*New Looping feature available which will loop motivation until stopped
*Added in new visuals for the alarms

Jan 11
Version 2.2

-Motivational Alarm -Version 2.2-
*Changed how alarms are taken care of and launched
*Added in a few more quotes

If you enjoy Motivational Alarm and if it helps you start your day better then please leave us an app review. It's very appreciated and helps us out a lot

Jan 08
Version 2.1

-Motivational Alarm -Version 2.1-
*Fixed alarm not launching in idle mode
*Added time amounts for the audio so you know how long each plays for
*Added in 15 more quotes from different speakers for the motivational quotes
*Put in a refresh button for the quotes for scrolling through all the quotes at random manually
*Updated some visuals

If you enjoy Motivational Alarm and if it helps you start your day better then please leave us an app review. It's very appreciated and helps us out a lot.

Jan 03
Version 2.0

-Motivational Alarm - Version 2.0-
*Fixed bug with how time was calculated
*Fixed how app functions on low memory
*Updated visuals on alarm setup
*Updated visuals on home screen
*Added in help for navigation
*Updated app to make it look much cleaner with navigation and alarm setup

If you enjoy Motivational Alarm and if it helps you start your day better then please leave us an app review. It is very appreciated and helps out a lot, remember to continue to seize the morning and attack the day!

Dec 27
Version 1.0

-Motivational Alarm Clock Version 1.0-
*Wake up inspired and ready to take on the day
*17 Motivational Alarms from renowned motivational speakers such as:
-Eric Thomas
-Arnold Schwarzenegger
-Gary Vaynerchuck
-Steve Harvey
-& Many More
*Snooze button delay allows for optimal uplifting wake-up instead of the usual instant snooze
*Various assortment of motivational quotes which are chosen randomly and displayed on app startup
*Toast when alarm is created shows time until the alarm goes off

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