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This app enables you to control and to adjust the setup of the GROUND ZERO GZDSP 4-8X signal processor when connected to the GROUND ZERO GZDSP BT-STICK streaming device.

A detailed user manual can be downloaded from the GROUND ZERO web page:

Requirements for using the app:
Installed and powered signal processor unit GROUND ZERO GZDSP 4-8X with connected GROUND ZERO GZDSP BT-STICK streaming interface. Established wireless connection between your ANDROID mobile device and the GZDSP BT-STICK (check the devices´s owner´s manual for further information about creating a wireless connection).

After adding the app to your ANDROID device and having connected the GZDSP BT-STICK in wireless mode, you´ll be able to control the main features of the GZDSP 4-8X:

- Adjust the main volume
- Mute/unmute the main volume
- Select a preset (out of the 6 presets from the device´s memory)

Furthermore, you will have access to the advanced settings of the GZDSP 4-8X signal processor:

- Input/output selection and mixer
- Highpass and lowpass crossover setting
- Channel link configuration
- Channel phase control
- 10-band parametric equalizer adjustment
- Time alignment setup in ms/cm/inches
- Reset function
- Save and load presets to/from the device´s memory

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Version History

Launched Dec 07, 2018 (over 1 year ago).
Nov 14
Version AV1.15

GZDSP 4-8X Control V1.15 includes some new features and bug fixes.

The factory set password for "Advanced Settings" is 666666. You may change the password any time.

Apr 29
Version AV1.08

English Version with new colour theme and additional features

Dec 06
Version AV1.05

English Version