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Calendar which is a very Simple Calendar and sync with Google Calendar include most common calendar functions, and let users manage their schedules easily. and
it no ads.
Get this Calendar app for your Android phone to save time and make the most of every day.
Calendar is a free, professional and easy to use schedule planner to manage your business events and programs in a single app.
This is the most simple Calendar app which can connect your Google Accounts easily and can be synchronized to automatically display events, programs and appointments on it .
Simple Google Calendar contains all your needs (features) in google play store, including Day , Week, Month Views , variety modifies,and connection across different accounts.
This is the simplest Calendar sync with google accounts organises your agenda incredibly easily to increase performance and productivity.
🌟 Features:

All-In-One view: very Powerful and beautiful agenda views

Schedule appointments and event by using our this simple google Calendar that offers the Day, week, Month, Year , Agenda and List views.

🎄 Holidays and Festivals:Premium holiday, finance and lifestyle calendar
How boring it is without a holiday life!

🎂 Celebrate: Write down your friend’s birthday and send them a message, or buy gifts for them.

✈️Work and life balance: Schedule your appointments in different time zones)
Easily manage your daily to-dos, let alone the schedules that you need to keep track of your schedule.

📱Android widget: Quickly review your day from your home screen
You can simply check everyday schedules even on your smartphone.

Real time sync: Sync all your current calendars with Google Calendar
You can simply import schedules in default calendar of your phone by a single click.
Reminders: Alerts ring at the right time & moment
Set up reminders with time and location to show your events.

Download this Calendar app now and start scheduling important events and appointments in the best calendar app on Android!

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Primary: Applications

Secondary: Productivity

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Version History

Launched Dec 01, 2018 (about 1 year ago).

Releasing new versions every about 1 month, on average.

Jan 17
Version 1.0.15

Fix some crash issues

Jan 13
Version 1.0.14

Days Calculator

Nov 23
Version 1.0.13

Fix some crash issues

Oct 18
Version 1.0.7

Fix some crash issues

Apr 26
Version Varies with device

Fix some crash issues

Feb 06
Version 1.0.6

Weekly update!

Jan 15
Version 1.0.5

Fix some crash issues

Jan 11
Version 1.0.4

Fix some crash issues

Jan 02
Version 1.0.3

1. Performance Improvement
2. User Experience Improvement

Dec 22
Version 1.0.2

Fix a crash issue on Android 8.
Improve user experience.

Dec 19
Version 1.0.1

Fix several crash issues

Nov 30
Version 1.0.0

Smart & Lightweight Calendar Initial Release!

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