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About Taylor Davis
It’s hard to imagine that a girl growing up with a love for video games and an early interest in the violin would ultimately turn into the global phenomenon and crossover sensation artist that is Taylor Davis. A self-admitted “proud nerd” and still an avid gamer, her unique arrangements of many of gaming, anime and film’s most iconic soundtracks have been viewed over 250 million times by her delighted audience of over 1.6 million YouTube subscribers. “I credit my mom for so much of my success as she’d only let me play my video games after I’d practiced my violin,” Taylor laughs. “I was so into gaming it was all the incentive I needed!”

Ever since then, Taylor’s amazing journey has included her personally mastering a wide range of audio and video technologies to produce her art, the establishment of her own independent music label, Highwind Records, and the creation of an incredibly strong bond with her legion of loyal listeners who are inspired by her positivity, passion and authentic connection to the music that they love so much. “Honestly the best and most rewarding part about my career is hearing from fans who have been inspired in a positive way by what I’m doing. I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful and supportive group of people to share my music with,” she said. Her latest of eight full length albums titled “Odyssey” (which she composed, produced and mixed by herself in her home studio) continues to build on the success of her prior work, debuting at #6 on the Billboard Chart for classical music.

On the receiving end of bullying throughout many of her early school years, Taylor also serves as an Ambassador for the “I Am A Witness” campaign against bullying, helping others to overcome many of the challenges that she faced growing up. “Growing up as a ‘nerd’ and having different interests from the majority of my classmates, I understand the isolation and sadness that many young people who feel different sometimes face, and I love to show them that believing in themselves and working hard can lead to some amazing things.”

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Version History

Launched Sep 11, 2017 (over 2 years ago).

Releasing new versions every about 2 months, on average.

Dec 04
Version 1.9456.0001

‧ Bug fixes

Aug 21
Version 1.9441.0001

‧ Bug fixes

Jul 07
Version 1.9422.0001

‧ Login page changed
‧ Bug fixes

Mar 11
Version 1.9381.0001

• System and phone login optimization.

Jan 04
Version 1.9345.0001

• Pinch to zoom available for image and video
• The app now supports Arabic
• Minor bug fixes

Dec 27
Version 1.9344.0001

‧ The app now supports Arabic
‧ Minor bug fixes

Oct 22
Version 1.9331.0001

‧ New UI for a clean look and feel
‧ Pinch to zoom available for Feed and Fanfeed pictures
‧ Added languages: French, Russian, and Pilipino/Tagalog
‧ Minor bug fixes

Sep 18
Version 1.9311.0001

‧ Optimization on data consumption
‧ Minor bugs fixes.

Aug 06
Version 1.9300.0001

‧ Portrait / landscape image support on Feed.
‧ Feed / FanFeed refinement.
‧ Minor bug fixes.

May 20
Version 1.9283.0001

‧ UI refinement - Feed and FanFeed layout updates.
‧ Bugs fixed.

May 13
Version 1.9281.0002

‧ UI refinement - Feed and FanFeed layout updates.
‧ Bugs fixed.

Apr 26
Version 1.9271.0001

.Added tutorial for new users.
.Improved loading speed for activity.
.Get a push notification whenever someone replies to your comment.

Mar 26
Version 1.9260.0001

.Added login options for a personalized experience.
.Improvements to menu display.
.Minor bug fixes.

Feb 22
Version 1.9252.0002

Connecting with your favorite celeb just got even better with improved app performance and a new phone login option that enables you to change your avatar!

Feb 13
Version 1.9251.0001

Connecting with your favorite celeb just got even better with improved app performance and a new phone login option that enables you to change your avatar!

Dec 12
Version 1.9241.0001

We’ve just made it easier to connect with your favorite celeb by adding a phone login option, advanced reporting options, and Fan Feed spam control.

Nov 12
Version 1.9231.0001

We’ve just made it easier to connect with Taylor Davis by improving the app’s login process and video display as well as updating several features of the app’s feed.

Oct 22
Version 1.9221.0001

We’ve made it easier to get seen by Taylor Davis with improvements to the boost feature and minimized videos on the Feed and FanFeed comment pages so you can comment on your star’s videos as you watch them!

Sep 11
Version 1.9211.0001

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