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Use Internet Speed Test to test your internet speed and check network performance!
You feel the internet is slow? And always lag when playing games?
And you ask yourself that how to test my internet speed.

Measure and test wifi speed is a free network speed test tool. It can check internet speed for 2G, 3G, 4G, DSL and ADSL. This is also a wifi analyzer that can help you connection speed test

WiFi speed test - Internet Speed Test helps you accurately check ping, check download speed, upload speed test. With the first time installing the application, you are free to check the speed (4 times). Then to continue to check the network speed, you can to watch the rewarded advertisement to get 4 times to check or pay to check the internet speed without interruption (unlimited test).

Key features of the SpeedTest app:
- Fast speed test: Download tester and upload speed and ping latency(check ping)

- Ping test: test latency to check the stability of the network.

- Accurate results: Shows you detailed speed test information and real-time graphs

How fast is my internet:

Here are three parameters to evaluate your network speed

✔️ Check ping
- Ping speed is in units of ms (1/1000 of a second)
- Ping indicates whether your connection speed is fast and stable or not, if the ping returns a high ms, it means that the network connection is not good, unstable, prone to jerks and lag.

✔️ Download speed
- Download speed is the most important number, measured in megabits per second (Mbps). Shows how much data you download to your phone.
- Test works by downloading multiple blocks of data into your phone, adjusting the size and number of connections to download as it runs. This maximizes your connection speed, ensuring it works as fast as possible.

✔️ Upload speed
- Upload speed indicates the speed when you upload data. Compare the results of your speed test with the speed given by the provider, to see if your wifi network is working properly.
- Upload speed test works like download speed test, but in a different direction. Your phone uploads blocks of data, with adjustments made to make sure it uses the entire range of your connection.

Does the bandwidth not meet the promise that your network provider has given you?
What are you waiting for, download this app. Measure and speed test for internet to be free to check the connection with one touch and manage your network easily!

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Version History

Launched Dec 29, 2019 (about 1 year ago).

Releasing new versions every 21 days, on average.

Dec 27
Version 1.0.29

- Optimize UX speed test

Sep 04
Version 1.0.28

- Optimize UI, UX
- Add feature delete all results

Jul 24
Version 1.0.25

Optimize UI, UX

Jul 24
Version 1.0.23

Fix bug, Optimize UI

Jul 07
Version 1.0.22

Optimize UI, UX

May 13
Version 1.0.21

fix error speedtest

May 09
Version 1.0.20

Optimize UX, UI

May 05
Version 1.0.19

Optimize UX

Apr 28
Version 1.0.17

Fix bug crash in application

Mar 28
Version 1.0.16

Fix unable to test on some devices

Mar 21
Version 1.0.15

Fix in-app billing errors

Mar 11
Version 1.0.14

- Optimize UI, UX

Mar 08
Version 1.0.13

- Fix bug speed test

Jan 14
Version 1.0.7

- Optimize UI, UX app
- Fix error Internal IP and External IP

Jan 06
Version 1.0.5

Update speed test

Jan 05
Version 1.0.3

Jan 04
Version 1.0.2

Optimize app

Dec 28
Version 1.0.1

Begin speed test

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