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D20 Battery Meter Widget is a 1x1 widget that displays your battery percentage on a 20-sided die. Fans of role-playing games(RPGs) or tabletop games such as Dungeons and Dragons(D&D), White Wolf, and many others will love this widget. Roll some 20-sided dice!

Tapping the widget opens shortcuts for Bluetooth, Display Settings, WiFi, Battery Stats, and GPS.

To change the color of the D20, tap the widget, and then press the phone's menu button. The choices, for now, are green, blue, red, and grey.

This battery widget is light on resources and uses almost no battery. It only updates when the system updates the battery percentage.

Email me if you have problems. Please don't leave problems as a comment. I can't reply to comments which means I can't help you. Leaving bad feedback before asking for help is bad etiquette.

Thank you! Enjoy! And please email me if you find any bugs and allow me to fix them before leaving bad feedback. I respond quickly!

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Version History

Launched Feb 06, 2012 (almost 9 years ago).
Feb 06
Version 1.00

Initial release!

Email me if you have problems. Don't leave it in a comment because I can't reply so I can't help you. Leaving bad feedback before asking for help is bad etiquette.