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Just log in to your existing NOHS Stampede account and enjoy!

Compared to the official Stampede app, this app is:
- Smaller (roughly 10x smaller app size)
- More modern (app targets Android O and supports advanced battery optimizations)
- Actively developed
- Faster (Not loading 20mb+ of info every time you open it)
- Open source (view code here: https://github.com/CorvetteCole/NOHS-Edge-Client)
- Aims to follow all material design guidelines with a responsive and modern UI

I will be adding numerous new features including auto-renewal, a search bar for edge, and much more. Read more about future plans on the apps github: https://github.com/CorvetteCole/NOHS-Edge-Client

Shoot me any suggestions at corvettecole@gmail.com!

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Version History

Launched Sep 04, 2017 (over 3 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 10 days, on average.

Jan 22
Version v.2018.01.23

-Android Wear support
-Android Wear companion app
-New Edge class saving
-Many bug fixes
-Performance improvements

Jan 22
Version Varies with device

-Android Wear support
-Android Wear companion app
-New Edge class saving
-Many bug fixes
-Performance improvements

Oct 10
Version 2.1.6

-Visual changes to weekly notification
-Class and weekly notifications now have seperate notification channels
-App shortcuts no longer have a drop shadow
-Fixed bug where app could rotate out of portrait mode
-Home tab is autoselected upon login
-Gear tab is no longer selected when pressed
-Fixed possible crash when retrieving Edge notifications

Oct 05
Version 2.1.5

**if Edge sign up continues to not load, clear the app data and sign in again. Sorry about this!**
-Fixed bug where edge sign up would not load on android 7.1 or lower devices
-Notifications automatically refresh better now

Oct 02
Version 2.1.3

-Full support for Android O adaptable icons

Sep 27
Version 2.0.1

Version 2.0.1 - Material Design update
-Material design almost completely implemented
-Loading is now much faster
-App is snappier
-Edge classes are retrieved automatically
-App is now far more battery aware
-Individual settings for weekly and edge notifications
-Notifications improved
Much more things that I don't have room to list!

Sep 24
-Fixed crash on weekends (or any non-friday)
-Smoother animation in edge schedule app shortcut

Sep 22
-Fixed bug where the notification for next week's edge class could be sent on the friday you signed up on
-Performance improvements for accessing edge
-Changed notification light color to NOHS colors (neat)
-Material design rehaul is getting super close!

Sep 20

-New app shortcut to view your edge schedule instantly, no loading required!
-Various minor visual tweaks
-Bug fixes
-Faster loading

Sep 18
Version 1.9.9

-Fixed notification crash
-Fixed notifications(...? hopefully)
-Made notification icon less transparent
-Added settings menu
-Added ability to pick time before edge class for notifications
-Fixed more bugs
-Uh, yeah that'd be all I think
*Fancy animations and material design coming soon*

Sep 13
Version 1.9.3

Update 1.9.3
-Added automatic login toggle (when you open the app it will log you in)
-Fixed some bugs
-Bumped up minimum SDK version to 21 (Android lollipop)
-Added backup so when the app is uninstalled and reinstalled it should retain your username and password
-Material transition is still being worked upon in alpha channel...

Sep 10
Version 1.9.2

Update 1.9.1:
-New switch between login and register modes (also you can go back from register screen to login screen now)
-NOHS Edge signup reminder every Thursday at 4pm (with checkbox to enable/disable these notifications)

Sep 08
Version 1.8

Fairly large changes!
-2 new app shortcuts, one for the NOHS website and one for infinite campus with icons
-App now loads faster
-Bug fixed where Edge isn't immediately accessible upon logging in
-Loading details added while loading
-External links now open externally (eg google maps in google maps, websites in google chrome)
-Lots of optimizations for speed
-Screen orientation locked to portrait
-Bug fixes
-Probably some more but I forgot

Sep 06
Version 1.7

-Username and password saving
-New native login screen (no more webview!)
-Performance improvements (moved some process to run in the background)
-Statusbar coloring fixed
-Keyboard hidden upon login button press
-More caching....
-Lots of under the hood changes for stability, security, and performance improvements

Sep 04
Version 1.0

initial release

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