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touchAble Pro makes it easy to produce and perform music in Ableton Live by putting everything you need at your fingertips.

touchAble Pro provides an absolutely clean interface, allows you the customization of every aspect of your layouts, and gives you the deepest access possible to Ableton Live. With touchAble Pro, you now have the complete Ableton Live experience literally at your fingertips.

You can perform and edit without ever touching a mouse, you can customize all your layouts to get exactly the controls you need to edit or play. You’ll gain complete control that’s as portable as the smartphone, tablet or laptop you’re carrying with you.

touchAble lets you access all of Ableton Live via simple, robust connections, either wired or wireless, and provides access to nearly every aspect of the software. touchAble Pro builds on that support with an updated interface for all of the features that made touchAble popular:

- Control the transport, metronome, cues, and quantization
- Trigger clips and scenes and control looping
- Arm, mute, and solo tracks
- Adjust monitoring
- Mix, pan, crossfade, and control sends and returns
- Play instruments with grid or piano-style layouts, with scales, note repeat, aftertouch, and velocity (based on finger position)
- Control device parameters, using faders or assignable X/Y pad modules
- X/Y Pad: assign physics, make and morph snapshots,
- Navigate Live’s Browser, and drag and drop Devices and samples
- View modules fullscreen or duplicate them side by side
- Edit patterns with a piano roll view
- Audio-clip editor gives access to a Clip’s waveform
- Draw and edit Clip-Automations
- Build your own complete custom layouts with the Template Editor

Please find the Server and installation instructions on http://www.touch-able.com

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Version History

Launched Dec 04, 2018 (over 1 year ago).

Releasing new versions every 14 days, on average.

Mar 12
Version 1.429.3

- Fixed an issue that would lead to the app only launching to blackscreen and then crash when the fallback renderer was not found. Thanks to Daniel for the help figuring this one out!

- Fixed an issue with multi - touch on some devices

Mar 11
Version 1.429.1

Device-Buttons on Normal & Return-Tracks will now stay the same size.

Feb 28
Version 1.20.428


Fixed a bug with ‘release’ on Wavetable device template
Fixed ‘lock navigation’
You can finally access your saved Templates & XY Pad setups

General Changelog:
Added an option to enter exact value for devices (on longtap)
You can now use more than 7 pages in the template Editor
Editor file menu now has access to all editor templates (bottom/top)

..and many many more!

Please check our complete changelog here:

Feb 20
Version 1.20.427

fixed possible launch to black screen & crash
fixed possible crash on Release parameter on Wavetable Amp
fixed flashing screen when changing custom template
fixed issue that would make it impossible to browse saved templates on Editor & XY pads
delete xy recording by tapping delete and play / arm
fixed show all clips
0db limit is now stored within the set
fixed possible 'hide track' appearance issues
fixed issue with arm/solo buttons in editor
fixed issue with 16 faders mode in device view

Jan 14
Version 1.20.426

Fixed an issue that could lead to the app crashing when using Simpler devices in Slicing mode.

Dec 12
Version 1.19.931

Fixed a crash that would occur when using Wavetable instruments.
Fixed a crash that could happen when editing a MIDI clip.

Dec 11
Version 1.19.929

Dramatically decreased Memory Usage when loading bigger sets

Dec 03
Version 1.19.926

Please make sure to get the latest server from our homepage and reinstall the new scripts.
- Added ‘Studio Mode’ to block the creation of extraneous Undo points while using a control.
- Added labels to Track I/O
- Saving and restoring Templates should be much less confusing now.
- Audio Clips & sequencer now work on modules on the template editor.
- Fixed Several possible crashes.
- Improved loading & processing times.

and many more:

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