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Amazingly accurate and fun to use, Manifesting Wealth & Wisdom Daily Oracle Cards by Jaden Sterling is now available on your Android device. These oracle cards assist you to live consciously, abundantly and to gain clarity in your life.

Jaden channelled all 44 cards including the card title, message and action steps . Half of the cards are based on practical business strategies as represented by the cards: Buy, New Business, Dial for Dollars, Success, Credit and etc. The other half of the deck consists of spiritual strategies as represented by the cards: Spirit Guides, Souls Purpose, Intuition, Divine Guidance and etc. The cards are easy to use and don't require any special skills to interpret.

Click the app, ask a question concerning your personal, professional or spiritual life, then pick a card or multiple cards. Each card provides action steps to develop aspects within yourself for your wealth and wisdom to flow. Consulting the cards daily will assist you to look within so that you won't go without. Cards are perfect for newbies or masters as it relates to spiritual and financial development.

The messages from the cards are positive, inspirational and life changing when followed.

With the Oracle card app you can:
-Give readings anytime and anywhere on your phone or tablet
-Choose between 1 card, 3 card or 4 card readings
-Save and load your readings for review at any time
-Email readings to yourself and friends
-Browse mode to review the entire deck

About the Author:
Jaden Sterling combines spiritual (not religious) principles with practical business strategies that enabled him to retire from corporate America at age 31. Jaden is an author, teacher, entrepreneur and philanthropist who penned an internationally best selling book The Alchemy of True Success, creator of the popular Money Manifestation Meditation & Affirmations, Money Magnet Meditation and Spirit Guide Connection Meditation. Jaden is a frequent Key-noter, corporate speaker, intuitive and founder of The Wealth Mastery Instituteā„¢ teaching success principles he learned from personal experience. For more information about Jaden and his work please visit: http://www.thewealthquest.com

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Launched Jul 21, 2016 (about 3 years ago).
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