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Organize clothes, create fashion outfits, plan with calendar and packing, track closet statistics, scan & search colors, shop online. Your complete fashion assistant to get the most value out of your closet!

Closet Organizer
- Add unlimited clothes by taking pictures or importing photos
- Edit tools to quickly remove the background (check out tap erase)
- Rotate & crop images while adding or editing items!
- Organize your clothes into editable categories and sub-categories
- Re-organize categories using drag and drop
- Change the background color of clothes
- Easily view the number of clothes in each category
- Add details and notes to clothing items (size, fabric, season, brand, status, purchase date)
- Search closet by Category and Color, Season, Size, Brand, Status, Fabric

Color Organizer
- Search your closet by color:
- The app bundles clothes with similar colors together
- Adjust the color grouping using the slider
- Scan a color using your camera and search your closet to find matching clothes
- Pick a color from the palette & search

Create Outfits
- Create unlimited outfits to match your style
- Freely zoom, rotate and move the clothes to get the look you want
- Organize your outfits into easily customizable categories
- Share your outfits with friends on Pinterest, Facebook, Email & other social media
- Easily view the number of outfits in each category
- Duplicate outfit, so that you don't have to start from scratch every time
- Add notes to outfits
- Change the background color of outfits

- Plan what outfits/clothes to wear using the calendar
- Add multiple clothes & outfits for each day
- Preview the clothes & outfits for the entire month in calendar

- Travelling? YourCloset app can help you pack too. YourCloset app will add the clothes from the outfits to your packing list.

- Most/Least worn clothes
- Most/Least worn outfits
- Clothes never added to outfits
- Outfits never worn
- Total number of clothes & outfits
- Total Value of closet
- Best/Worst value clothes
- Cost per wear for clothes

Automatic Backup & Sync
- Automatically backup & sync data to Google Drive
- Connect to any Google Drive account
- Daily sync only transfers changes
- Restore the backup to any Android device
- Enable the backup and never worry about losing YourCloset data!

Integrated Shopping
- Users can search & browse online catalog
- Just type what you're looking for in the search bar
- Sort by price, popularity & recently added
- Filter price range
- Save online items to your closet
- Mix & match with your clothes to try out new outfits!

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Version History

Launched Sep 08, 2016 (about 3 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 19 days, on average.

Mar 31
Version 4.0.10

Minor bug fixes

Mar 22
Version 4.0.3

Bug Fixes

New Features in v4:
- Generate Random Outfits
- Improved Navigation

Jan 25
Version 4.0.2

New Features:
- Generate Random Outfits
- Improved Navigation
Bug Fixes

Jan 15
Version 3.5.19

Stability fixes

Aug 22
Version 3.5.17

Stability fixes

Aug 11
Version 3.5.15

New Feature:
- Zoom/Move images while editing in any mode (crop, cut, tap erase, manual erase)
- Added option to center align the item to quickly undo the zoom while editing

Aug 06
Version 3.5.11

New Feature
- Replace item image using the camera or importing from photo library
- Updated theme and icon

Jul 31
Version 3.5.5

- Add multiple colors for each item
- Simpler color swatches to select item colors
- Items list now shows all items with fixed height
- Added optimization for bigger screens (Tablets)
Stability Fixes

Jul 22
Version 3.5.4

- Add multiple colors for each item
- Simpler color swatches to select item colors
- Items list now shows all items with fixed height
- Added optimization for bigger screens (Tablets)

Jul 20
Version 3.4.9

Stability Fixes

Jul 14
Version 3.4.8

- Stability Fixes
- Item category list is not expanded by default

Jul 10
Version 3.4.6

Stability Fixes

Jul 01
Version 3.4.5

Stability Fixes

Jun 30
Version 3.4.2

Bug Fixes

Jun 30
Version 3.4

New Feature & Bug Fixes:
- Swipe through items and outfits in the view item and view outfit screens

Jun 27
Version 3.3

New Feature:
- swipe through items and outfits in the view item and view outfit screens

Jun 27
Version 3.2

Updates & Fixes
- New preview bar to easily select items in the Outfit Editor
- Improved performance of repeated restores to only pull changes from Google Drive
- Show notifications for Backup & Restore progress
- Outfits created from calendar day are now automatically added to calendar
- Brands are sorted alphabetically in the Item details list
- Long pressing on item details entries now allows deleting entries

Jun 18
Version 3.0

New Features:
- "Show Outfits" and "View Notes" on the View item screen can now be accessed from the details button at the bottom of the screen
- Add more details for items: Season, Size, Brand, Status, Fabric, Purchase Date
- Search items in Closet by Season, Size, Brand, Status, Fabric along with Category and Color
- Laundry switch to easily change the status of clothing items

May 13
Version 2.4

Minor update:
- Added Settings option to Export images to gallery

Mar 26
Version 2.3

Minor updates and fixes:
- Allow decimals for item cost
- Least worn clothes/outfits now include never worn items
- Added option to create outfit from the clothes in a calendar day
- Fixed the Edit category screen for devices with RTL layout
- Fixed the issue with backup switch getting reset
- Fixed the issue where new camera image shows rotated by 90 degrees on some Samsung devices
- Prompt user for permission when Camera or Storage permissions are disabled or denied

Jan 19
Version 2.2

Minor updates & Bug fixes:
- Added shortcut to rotate items by 90 degrees
- Start new outfit from the view item screen
- Select item catalog color with item and color spectrum on the same screen
- Option to start new outfit from outfit category screen
- Items in "All Items" screen organized by category with un-categorized items at the top
- Use App on devices without auto-focus camera
- View last worn, number of times worn, number of outfits from the View Item and View Outfit screen

Jan 17
Version 2.1

Minor updates & Bug fixes:
- Improved ordering for item color palettes
- Calendar now shows the dates even with large font setting
- Outfit category list now refreshes automatically when outfits are re-organized
- Newly imported items are now highlighted to easily select and assign category

Dec 04
Version 2.0

New Features in v2.0:
- Statistics: Find out the most worn, least worn & unused clothes & outfits
- Browse clothes by category & color while adding clothes to outfits
- Pick the catalog color for clothing item from color spectrum
- Easily view the category & sub-category for clothes & outfits from the view screen
- Premium: Track the value of your closet along with best & worst value clothes with cost per wear

Nov 27
Version 1.9

New Features:
- Categorize outfits into seasons & categories
- Edit Categories: re-arrange item & outfit categories using drag & drop
Bug Fixes

Nov 23
Version 1.8

Bug Fixes

Nov 04
Version 1.5

New Features:
- Improved color categorization
- Adjust color grouping using slider
- View outfits which use selected clothing item
Bug Fixes:
- App stopped when sharing item or sharing outfit
- App stopped when importing items

Nov 02
Version 1.4

New Features:
- Automatic Daily Backup to Google Drive
- Connect to any Google Drive account
- Backup only transfers changes
- Restore the backup to any Android device
- Enable the backup and never worry about losing YourCloset data!

Oct 23
Version 1.3

Bug Fixes:
- App stopped while picking catalog color
- App stopped when clicking back button after selecting item

Oct 11
Version 1.2

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed the issue related to importing images

Sep 26
Version 1.1

Bug Fixes

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