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The Hours of Service Recap Calculator App for Solo Truck Drivers allows the solo truck driver to recap their hours of service while taking into consideration their last hours of service reset. With this Hours of Service Calculator, solo drivers can quickly see the hours they have remaining for a load.

How it works:

The last eight days for the solo driver is persistent on the app after initial entry and maintained on the solo drivers mobile device.

The last eight days are shown by date so that there is no confusion over determining which day is day eight versus which day is day one. At midnight the date changes and the hours of service shifts down while day eight is returned to zero.

Simply, update the Hours of Service Calculator each day to keep the calculations current.

Hours of Service Rules Supported:

The following Hours of Service Rules are Supported in the Hours of Service Recap Calculator for Solo Drivers:

US Property 70 hour 8 day, US Property 60 hour 7 day, US Passenger 70 hour 8 day, US Passenger 60 hour 7 day, Alaska Property 70 hour 7 day, Alaska Property 80 hour 8 day, Alaska Passenger 70 hour 7 day, Alaska Passenger 80 hour 8 day, California Intrastate Property 80 hour 8 day, California Intrastate Passenger 80 hour 8 day, Texas Intrastate 70 hour 7 day, Canadian South 70 hour 7 day cycle 1, European Union Basic and Australian Standard Fatigue Management Hours of service rules.

Support: We are available by email or telephone. Tools to help you make the best of the Hours of Service Recap Calculator for Solo Drivers can be found here:

Our Website: https://www.truckers-trip-planning-app.com/solo-trucker-hours-of-service
Our Truckers Forum: https://www.truckers-trip-planning-app.com/forum
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Version History

Launched Oct 29, 2018 (3 months ago).
Jan 09
Version 3

Added Controls to ensure completion of Password and Confirm Password Fields during Registration.
Added Controls to ensure that the Hours of Service Recap Calculator resets after 8 continuous days of inactivity.

Nov 22
Version 2

Built By Truckers For Truckers
Bypasses User Management for Active Registered Users
One Time Cost
No Annoying Ads

Oct 29
Version 1

New Release
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