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WindECalc is a use anywhere app of the “Whiz Wheel” used by pilots for navigation since the late 1930’s. Even today the Whiz wheel is used during pilot training and as a back-up when the electronics fail.
Once mastered and used regularly the Whiz Wheel is a very efficient calculation tool.
WindECalc allows practise anytime, anywhere and ensures you are ready to use a physical version of the Whiz Wheel when ever the need arises.

Both WindECalc and Whiz Wheel are analogue computers which can quickly provide the correct Heading to fly for a given wind speed and direction as well as providing the Ground Speed from the True Airspeed.
The reverse side the computer allows calculation of the True Airspeed from Rectified Air Speed, True Altitude from Indicated Altitude, equivalent Density Altitude and the ability to calculate Track time and fuel requirements. No Adds.

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Launched Mar 30, 2018 (about 2 years ago).
Apr 04
Version P1.1

Correction to a "How to Use" section.

Mar 29
Version P1.0

Enjoy WindECalc!