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Our midwife told us they would want to know the length and frequency of my wife's contractions, as well as when her waters broke and how often she went to the loo. We knew we would never be able to accurately remember this, in the heat of the moment, so I created this contraction timer and labour record.

A contraction timer app, plus a bit extra. The app showed us how labour was progressing and meant I could answer midwives' questions about the length and time of contractions and how often mum-to-be had gone to the loo (important to know that she was sufficiently hydrated)

I hope this contraction timer and labour record proves useful to you too!

And many congratulations on the imminent arrival of your baby!

In summary, this app:
- is a contraction timer
- a labour record
- displays average contraction duration and frequency, for a period of time you can define
- gives a graphic overview of all contraction duration and frequency
- allows you to zoom into specific regions on the graphs
- allows previous contraction records to be edited or deleted (we all make mistakes in the heat of the moment)
- has a blue light filter, to minimise bright lights (as women in labour often prefer the dark)

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Launched Jul 11, 2019 (over 1 year ago).
Jul 10
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