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WARNING - Not actively being maintained

Android users finally have a platform to expand the capabilities of their Tesla Model S or Model X! Induction's unique features currently include...
-Faster connection to your car
-Android Wear integration*
-Voice commands through Wear
-Machine Learning Predictive Waking**
-Light and Dark UI
-Full panoramic roof extension
-In-app representation of your unique car
-Multiple range estimations
-Individual driver/passenger temperature control
-Camping mode - keep the AC on through the night!

This is only the beginning of Induction. If you'd like to see something specific added or just have something to say, don't hesitate to let us know through the in-app feedback section or by sending us an email.

*Fully functional, though UI is under development.
**When enabled, Induction will take note of your usage habits and begin to wake your car when it thinks you're likely to begin interaction.

Security: Login credentials are never stored in plain text and are encrypted using AES 128, CBC, and PKCS5 padding. This app only communicates with Tesla's official servers over HTTPS.

Disclaimer: THIS SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED "AS IS". This app is not officially affiliated or endorsed by Tesla Motors Inc. We will always try our best, but we cannot guarantee proper functionality at all times. Use of this app is at user's own risk. The creators are not responsible for any damages or repercussions incurred upon the user's car, the user, or any other objects through the use of this app. By downloading this app, you accept these terms.

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Version History

Launched Oct 03, 2016 (over 2 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 26 days, on average.

Apr 05
Version 0.9737

Bug fixes.

Nov 25
Version 0.9733

One step closer to zero bugs.
Security and more encryption added.
Version Log added
Optimized UI and Running Tasks
Incorporated relevant changes to Tesla API

Oct 18
Version 0.9732

One step closer to zero bugs.

Oct 16
Version 0.9731

One step closer to zero bugs.
+ HVAC to LO Hotfix
+ Predictive Waking Tweaks

Oct 07
Version 0.973

One step closer to zero bugs.
+ Can cancel wear service and camp service from notification shade
+ Option to receive temperatures. Getting temperature requires the car to toggle HVAC and increases loading times.
+ QuickStart Mode. Immediately shows main UI which shows cached info while the current info is loaded in the background. Actions can be selected and will be executed when a connection is made with the car.
+ Login with an access token. Summon and remote start will be unavailable.

Oct 06
Version 0.9721

One step closer to zero bugs.
+ Optimizations to Predictive Waking
+ Wear App Optimizations
+ Display Car Version in Settings.
+ Fixed edge case where HVAC unit would toggle.
+ Minor bug fixes

Oct 04
Version 0.969

One step closer to zero bugs.
+ Ability to switch between imperial and metric units
+ Ability to swipe between vehicle control and vehicle management
+ Internal and External Temperature now in Vehicle Management.
+ Minor bug fixes

Oct 03
Version 0.968

One step closer to zero bugs.
+ Hotfix to "Getting Vehicle Information" bug

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