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Note: This app now works on most older Android phones, running Android 2.3 or higher.

This (patent pending) app lets you “rewire” your brain to reduce or eliminate reactions to your misophonia triggers.

First you need a video file that will trigger you. You may need to record and edit this file. (Tom Dozier can provide editing). Then select your favorite music, pics, and/or video clips - ones that really make you happy. Relax to the music or laugh at funny videos, and painlessly reduce your misophonia reactions.

It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you have guidance for the use of the app from Tom Dozier. The minimum recommended guidance is a 15-minute consultation every 1-2 weeks, which costs $25.

This misophonia treatment (using audio files) has been shown to work when a person has very specific triggers. For example, if you trigger to the sound of a family member chewing, but not strangers, this method may be effective. If you trigger to the chewing sounds of anyone (and anywhere), then this method is unlikely to produce improvement in the way you react to real-life trigger sounds. The same "rewiring" process may occur if you have a general trigger sound, but it will likely require performing the "rewiring" for many versions of the trigger sound. AS OF THE END OF 2013, THERE HAVE BEEN NO SUCCESSFUL CASES OF "REWIRING" A GENERAL TRIGGER SO THAT THE SOUND NO LONGER CAUSES A PROBLEM RESPONSE IN A REAL LIFE SITUATION.

The free version of this app lets you explore the features of the app, and determine if you can be triggered by videos of the trigger. You can explore the great difference is a short (200ms) soft trigger video and a long (1-4 seconds) loud trigger video. When the trigger is soft and short, your misophonia reaction is almost like an "eye blink."

Without the emotional reaction, you can pay attention to your physical reaction to the trigger sound, which varies greatly from person to person. You will feel it, but not have the emotional reaction. Under these conditions over 95% of individuals have identified a physical reflex that is part of the misophonia response to the trigger. The Trigger Tamer allows you to "rewire" your lizard brain (your brain stem) to reduce your reflex response to the trigger. You will need the full version (this app) for effective treatment, to reduce or eliminate reactions to your misophonia triggers.

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Version History

Launched May 09, 2014 (over 5 years ago).
Oct 05
Version 2

This version has bug fixes that improve the stability of the app.

This version has a chime before the trigger when the playlist is audio only. The chime occurs 5 seconds before the trigger to remind you to look at the video. The chime is also 10 different sounds that play randomly).