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--- Check our new application (AstralWorld)---

- Daily Prediction

- Weekly Prediction

- Yearly Prediction

- Weekly State Prediction

- Birth Chart Report

- Astrology Calendar

- Horoscopes

- Sun sign prediction

- Personal Report

- Ascendant Report

- Astrology

- Horoscopes And More

- Western Astrology

- Vedic Astrology

- Numero Table

- Kal Sarpa Dosha

- Nakshatra Prediction (daily & Tomorrow)

- Consolidated Nakshatra Prediction

- Vedic Daily Prediction

- Lucky Places

- Lucky Time

- Romantic predictions

- Life Predictions

- Hindu Calendar(to be added soon)

- Lal Kitab (to be added soon)

- Kp Astrology(to be added soon)

- Manglik Dosha(to be added soon)

- Biorhythm(to be added soon)

- And with more features we will be with you very soon

Meeting with your astrologer and enlightening your way with the light of astrology is one message away. Are you ready for this stunning experience?
You can read daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reviews prepared by our experienced astrologers. This means, you can plan your life much more accurately.
AstroWorld offers you more than that;
You can ask to your preferred astrologer your question about love, work, money, children or anything you wonder. The answers you will get in AstroWorld such as the best time to start, when you need to take the action and how it will end up, this way AstroWorld can help you getting your life on the right path.
With your daily horoscope reviews transmitted to your phone each morning, you can have an energetic start to the day and find out what is waiting for you.
You can follow the sky events of the day through the Monthly Astrology Calendar so you can take an action according to the energy of the universe.
By analyzing your birth chart, you can get detailed review by the experts. This will allow you to know more about yourself and your potential.
You can ask every question that you get stuck with to your personal life coach, and create lasting changes in your life with his advice.
With the quality chart of the week, you can get an idea about your life or your loved ones, by following the horoscopes.
You can take a pleasant journey in the unique world of astrology with articles written by our expert astrologers about crescent, fullmoon and eclipse.
We hope that you will be with us on this journey and have a pleasant time by joining our family.

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Version History

Launched Dec 16, 2018 (over 1 year ago).

Releasing new versions every 9 days, on average.

Apr 14
Version 1.0.21

New Project design.

Mar 30
Version 1.0.20

Added some future
Bug fix

Mar 12
Version 1.0.19

Update privacy policy

Mar 08
Version 1.0.18

Added some future
Bug fix
Added montly prediction

Mar 02
Version 1.0.17

Added some future
Bug fix
Added montly prediction

Feb 24
Version 1.0.15

- Added Numerology fav lor, Lucky time,Lucky places,Mantra
- Daily vedic prediction
- Romantic Forcast
- Life Forcast
- Bug fix

Feb 20
Version 1.0.14

Added some future
Bug fix
Subscription Discount

Feb 10
Version 1.0.11

Added nakshatra prediction
Added kalsarpa dosha
Bug fix

Feb 09
Version 1.0.10

-- Added new future
-- Bug Fix

Jan 20
Version 1.0.9

Added Numero Table

Added Vedic Ascendant Report

Jan 13
Version 1.0.8

- Added Western Astrology Categories
- Added Sun sign prediction
- Added Ascendant Report
- Added personality report
- Bug fix

Jan 07
Version 1.0.7

Bug fix and release

Jan 06
Version 1.0.5

Bug fix and release

Dec 21
Version 1.0.2

Update payment settings

Dec 15
Version 1.0.1

Release first

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