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Bluetooth Ear amplifies sound around you and play it through your WIRELESS BLUETOOTH EARPHONE / WIRED EARPHONE for better listening like hearing aid.

But its recommended to use Bluetooth Ear with WIRELESS BLUETOOTH EARPHONE because its designed to act as a WIRELESS HEARING AID .

Since the app works as WIRELESS HEARING AID so its not necessary to move the person himself instead just move the android device , that could be helpful for elderly aged peoples who are troubling with hearing problem also loss of physical strength.

Though we are recommending to use WIRELESS BLUETOOTH EARPHONE but WIRED EARPHONE also supported by BLUETOOTH EAR and its helpful for delay less experience.

Bluetooth Ear also could be used to listen to nature or listen your favorite TV , RADIO programs or listen to commentary of any sports by putting the phone on your TV / Radio set .

For listening better LOUDNESS ENHANCER and 5 BAND GRAPHICAL EQUALIZER added for fine tune the sound around you.


1. Amplify sounds around you for better listening

2. Both wireless bluetooth earphone and wired earphone supported

3. Included with voice recording option , support voice guide for recording when wireless bluetooth earphone used

4. 5 band graphical equalizer and loudness enhancer is added for fine tune the sound

5. Could be used as wireless voice recorder

DISCLAIMER : Bluetooth Ear is not intended to use for eavesdropping or spying . Its strictly prohibited to enter into any intrude conversation or break any rule using BLUETOOTH EAR . Please use Bluetooth Ear responsibly.

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Bluetooth Ear (With Voice Recording ) screenshot 1Bluetooth Ear (With Voice Recording ) screenshot 2Bluetooth Ear (With Voice Recording ) screenshot 3Bluetooth Ear (With Voice Recording ) screenshot 4Bluetooth Ear (With Voice Recording ) screenshot 5Bluetooth Ear (With Voice Recording ) screenshot 6Bluetooth Ear (With Voice Recording ) screenshot 7Bluetooth Ear (With Voice Recording ) screenshot 8

Version History

Launched Sep 19, 2017 (about 2 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 2 months, on average.

Sep 07
Version 2.0.1

Bug fixed

Aug 19
Version 2.0.0

1. Audio routing stopped after few minutes , from this update this issue is fixed .
2. Toggle MIC change feature is now also enabled for wired earphones , before it was enabled only for Bluetooth Earphones
3. Record audio in the background

May 19
Version 1.2.3

1. Fixed " Reset Equalizer " button not work issue

2. A minor feature VISUALIZER is discontinued due to receiving huge amount of app crashes , we are working hard to figure out the actual reason behind crashes for VISUALIZER . We will add this feature very soon as long as we could fix the issue .

Apr 15
Version 1.2.2

Fixed known ANR and app crashes to Android 8.0 and 8.1 Oreo devices

Mar 10
Version 1.2.0

1. Fixed equalizer
2. Fixed app crashes while tune the audio using equalizer
3. Get more clear audio output than before using the equalizer

Mar 07
Version 1.1.5

Fixed toggle mic change issue . Toggle mic changing wasn't possible due to a bug .
Now from the current release this bug is fixed

Mar 07
Version 1.1.4

Added Firebase Crashlytics for detecting app crashes so that we can provide more bug less version of Bluetooth Ear in future

Feb 16
Version 1.1.3

1. Fixed known bugs
2. added push message capabilities to let the users inform about tips , future updates of Bluetooth Ear etc.

Dec 16
Version 1.1.2

1. Added the feature to run the app in background , just tap on the back button of your device to let the app run in background , to back in the app again open the app from notification panel .
1. Fixed known bugs

Oct 05
Version 1.1.1

Fixed known bugs

Sep 26
Version 1.1.0

Added feature
1. Audio record with graphical UI button from app along with remote bluetooth headset button
2. Audio record when wired earphone plugged in , that was not possible in previews version

Sep 18
Version 1.0.0

Released first version of Bluetooth Ear

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