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PDF reader, a software tool that helps users to view PDF file quickly and conveniently on Android. So, there is a lot of software supporting free PDF reader on CH play app store. But if you want to find a PDF reader app that can certainly do all you want, then choosing this PDF editor is a great choice. Because it has almost all the features you might expect in a PDF viewer software.
PDF reader will let you to experience the following features:
Create a new PDF file
It's useful when you can create PDF by converting from image. Select the images in your device and the app will help you to create a new PDF document in the order of the images you have marked.
Scan PDF
Let you use the camera to scan an image of a document, the PDF editor will help you convert that image into a document. Once completed, it will open the screen to PDF viewer.
Merge PDFs
PDF reader has a special feature allows you to merge multiple PDF documents together from files already in the device.
Files manager
Features browse files in the device, manage files ...
* Feature of PDF viewer app:
• Automatically browse and display PDFs in your device.
• Supporting PDF editor
• Fast file processing time.
• Easily search and manage files with tabs: recent, favorites.
• Option to view list files: grid or list format.
• Easily share files with friends via email, bluetooth, upload to drive.
• PDF app support to view enough information of the PDF file
• Zoom in/out for easy reading of documents.
• Quick search of any document page
• Delete/edit the file name.
• Slide file viewer: convenient for presentations.
With a beautiful interface, fast, easy to use and all the most powerful features, PDF viewer will certainly be the choice that you should have. Download PDF viewer now so you can read PDF documents anywhere, whenever you need them. This PDF reader android is proud to be the companion for your work and study.
This application is very useful, so please share it with friends and relatives. We are always looking forward to hearing from you so that we can develop a better PDF app in the next versions.

Paid & subscribe: App may be expired in one or few months, in that case happens you will need to subscribe to continue using.

Refund policy: Read carefully before purchasing.
- You can get refund automatically by un-installing app within 2 hours after install.
- Otherwise, no any refund will be made.

Thank you for downloading and using the app.

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Version History

Launched Apr 24, 2020 (5 months ago).
Apr 23
Version 1.4

v1.2: Fixed crash when quit app