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Do you want to use the browser to browse all types of information at the same time..

*********You are at the right place.**********

Dual Browser is a beautifully designed browser app , using which you can browse the internet on one display , in a parallel manner.

You can switch to , single page browsing with just a tap.

* Simultaneously display Dual Web browser.
* Switch to single page browsing ,with just a tap.
*High speed downloading
* Previous page button.
* Next page button.

****Quality at its best****

 $0.99 in Google Play


Dual Browser (Paid) Pro screenshot 1Dual Browser (Paid) Pro screenshot 2Dual Browser (Paid) Pro screenshot 3Dual Browser (Paid) Pro screenshot 4

Version History

Launched Dec 09, 2017 (10 months ago).
Dec 09
Version 1.3

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