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DryLINK is the world’s first restoration app with Bluetooth connectivity to smart dehumidifiers and other DryLINK enabled equipment. AND IT’S TOTALLY FREE!! With DryLINK by Phoenix you can:

Upload and Share Data with Your Team
• One Company Account with Multiple Users
• Connects by Bluetooth to Smart Dehumidifiers and other DryLINK enabled equipment
• See the Last Known Location of your DryLINK enabled equipment
• Add Non-Smart Equipment to Your Company’s Inventory
• Log Manual Moisture Level Measurements
• Record More Than One Visit in a Day
• Connects to the DryLINK Cloud Through your Devices Cell Service or Wi-Fi
• Stores Data Locally if no Internet is Available
• Uploads Data When an Internet Connection is Restored
• Use the Job Mapping Feature with your Devices Native Phone App
• No Usage Fees

Create and Share Drying Reports
• Stunning New Report
• Add Your Company’s Logo
• Add Chambers with Dimensions and Chamber Notes
• Automatically Import Readings from Smart Dehumidifiers
• Create and Share the Drying Log Link by Text or Email
• View Data Graphically
• Manually Enter Readings from Non-Smart Dehumidifiers and Other Devices

Remote monitoring with DryPHONE - Optional DryPHONE Required for these features
• Enter daily readings remotely
• Rearrange daily visits based on actual conditions
• Receive real-time alerts of your choice

Use Alerts to Stay Informed – DryPHONE Required for some alerts
• Equipment Alerts – Equipment turned off, last known location, filter, DryTAG battery level
• Job Status Alerts – monitor temperature, RH, GPP, and provide notifications if out of range
• Job Management Alerts – Job started, completed, not completed on time.

Connect to and Control Your Smart Dehumidifiers
• Get the Current Psychrometric Readings
• Turn Quiet Mode On/Off
• Enable Humidistat Mode
• Get Notifications of New Firmware and Install it Using Your Phone
• Set Filter Reminders Based on Hours of Use
• Locate the Smart Dehumidifier to Which You Are Connected
• Purge the Water
• Turn the Dehumidifier On or OFF
• Check for Alerts
• Run Diagnostics Mode

And much more!

To learn more about the entire Phoenix product line please visit www.UsePhoenix.com.

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Version History

Launched Dec 01, 2017 (over 2 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 3 months, on average.

Apr 30
Version 2.3.4

Welcome to DryLINK v 2.3.4. This version introduces automatic data collection from DrySense, our new Bluetooth material moisture sensor. It also includes an enhanced Drying Log report. Its performance has been improved and it is now more capable of handling very large jobs with a high number of chambers and equipment.

Nov 11
Version 2.1.10

Welcome to DryLINK version 2.1. This version includes integration with DryTAG, our Bluetooth equipment tag which will allow you to manage your company equipment through the DryLINK app.

Aug 19
Version 2.0.5

Check out the stunning new drying report which allows you to add your company’s logo. The new report has easy to understand graphs, it allows you to change the measurement units, and it provides a summary and full report PDF options. Other new features include: (1) adding non-connected equipment to company inventory, (2) logging of manual moisture measurements, (3) the ability to record more than one "visit" (i.e. set of measurements) per day and so much more.

May 07
Version 1.5.4

Welcome to DryLINK version 1.5! This update enhances a number of the input fields for entering account, company and job information, including auto-completion of job address information.

Jan 03
Version 1.4.6

Welcome to DryLINK version 1.4! This update provides the ability to see your job data graphically. View your RH, temperature, grains/lb and grain depression for your Dry Max XL dehumidifiers as a function of time over the course of an entire job or zoom in for a more detailed look. Also, you can enter your drying log entries directly from the graph for the current day or even from past days.

Oct 14
Version 1.3.8

Welcome to DryLINK version 1.3! This update provides "Last Location" information about each of your DryMax XL dehumidifiers in the DehuDetails view. Also, a means for updating the firmware on your DryMax XL dehumidifier directly from the app has been added.

Aug 22
Version 1.2.3

Welcome to DryLINK version 1.2.3! This version includes the new Dehu Snapshot feature which presents the current readings from all Dry Max XL dehumidifiers in Bluetoooth range. Also, the Job list now includes map information.

Jul 18
Version 1.0.9

Welcome to the DryLINK mobile app version 1.0 (build 9). DryLINK is the world’s first restoration app with Bluetooth connectivity to smart dehumidifiers. To learn more about the entire Phoenix product line please visit www.UsePhoenix.com.
We welcome your feedback. Please email drylink@usephoenix.com with any comments or suggestions.

Jul 12
Version Varies with device

Welcome to the DryLINK mobile app beta version 1.0.9. The app has a new icon and the Dehumidifier Details view has a brand new look. We welcome your feedback. Please email drylink@usephoenix.com with any comments or suggestions.

Jan 02
Version v.2018.01.03

Phoenix DryLink beta release 1.0.2 - 3 Jan 2018

Dec 14
Version v.2017.12.14

New version of DryLink beta.

Nov 30
Version v.2017.12.01

Initial alpha release of the Dry Max XL app

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