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Axis & Allies War Chest is the first in a new line of "Warchest" apps - designed to help players of the popular war game series Axis & Allies track IPC's or game money.

Using a user friendly display, this app allows players to create and name a game then select the countries players will be using. Once the game is created players can add or subtract IPC's anytime. All information is automatically saved so players can pick up where they left off when concluding a game and no longer wonder what each player had for IPC's.

This version is designed to be played with classic versions of the game as well as Global 1940.

There is a free trial version of the app available if you want to try out the "Warchest" app but we suggest (and hope) that you will be able to show your support for the app by purchasing the "General's Edition".

This will instantly promote you to the rank of General (with a shiny badge to boot) and contain all of the extra features we've added.

Warchest General's will have more slots to save their games in and will have access to the Objectives screen which will allow you to keep track of all in game objectives (as well as the associated IPC bonuses).

The Objectives screen is reached from the main Bank screen and lists the game objectives (and IAP rewards) available for each Country - you can select any objectives that have been reached and the IAP is automatically added to the correct country.

We hope you enjoy these extra features and if you have any future requests or feedback then please don't hesitate to get it touch via the app.

We also want to continue to reward our loyal supporters and so by purchasing this edition General's will have free access to ALL future updates and features which we have planned including round markers, mobilisation charts and battle calculators (and any other useful tools we can think of!).

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Version History

Launched Sep 16, 2015 (about 4 years ago).
Sep 15
Version 1.2