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Are you ready for the best tarot reading app? Tarot Fox is the best place for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of their lives. We specialize in readings having to do with Wealth, Health, Relationships, Soulmates and any other topic you can imagine. Simply choose your cards and get presented with the meaning in an easy to understand format. This will help give you a deeper understanding of your life.

This app is packed with so many more features than our competition!

-Interested in Free Horoscopes? We have those also, offering daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes for love, money, career and so much more.

-Talk to a Psychic - Maybe you need to get some more clarity in your life, ask one of our professional free psychics on the app whatever is on your mind and get a response almost immediately. The first question is free!

- Yes/No questions, have a quick question you need a quick answer to? Ask away and get the answer and the meaning behind your selection.

- Lucky Numbers, Interested in playing some lotto numbers or perhaps numbers for any other reason. See the numbers the stars are holding for you.

- Life Reports, we offer expansive multi page reports (70+ pages) about your life or relationship.

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Version History

Launched Mar 07, 2019 (5 months ago).
May 01
Version 1.19

Fixed a bug where some users could not see start up video.

Apr 26
Version 1.18

This is the official release of the Tarot Fox App. The app allows you to get Tarot Readings, Ask Questions to Psychics, Get Daily Horoscopes and much much more.

Mar 06
Version 1.04